British Black Cat: description, features, features and reviews

Cats are popular pet pets. They are found all over the world, and the number of breeds has long exceeded 500. British lop-eared cat is widely known on the American continent and in Europe. These are beautiful graceful animals with ashy, chocolate and black coat color.

History of the origin of the breed

The breed of British Fold refers to one of thethe oldest. In the form in which we know at the present time, it was deduced already in the 19th century, when the Persian crossed with an English domestic cat. The roots of this breed go deep into antiquity, to the period of the reign of Emperor Claudius.

Together with the legionnaires in Britain on shipswent to the cat, which successfully descended to the shore and began to develop new places. It was these representatives, the descendants of the Roman breed, who became the forefathers of the British Fold Cats.

british black cat
For a long time this breed was widely known inEurope, and Russia was imported relatively recently. Black color of British cats has appeared due to the fact that the British believe that it is such a suit of a pet that brings happiness and luck to the house.


The head of a British cat or cat should bewide and round, regular shape. The ears are widely distributed, medium in size, slightly lowered. The tips are round, and the outer part is densely covered with hair. The spout is small, short and wide in these animals. British cats of black color have large round eyes of golden hue. On the muzzle they are placed far enough from the nose, which gives the head an even more impressive look.

The body of British cats and cats is strong,Muscular, with well-developed broad bones. The paws are short and strong, the tail is thick, has an average length and tapers towards the end. Complete maturation and the final formation of the body falls on 4-5 years of life, in spite of the fact that the kittens grow very fast and get stronger. Their weight at this age reaches 6-8 kg in males, 1.5-2 kg less in females.

Black color of British cats


The British black cat must have an even colorwool. No inclusions, transitions or shades are allowed. Undercoat should also match the color and not differ from the basic color. In the breed there are about 30 varieties of color.

Wool can be long, in this case itdense and requires much more attention and care from the hosts. Used special shampoos and brushes for combing. A black British shorthair cat or animal of any other suit also refers to representatives of pure breed.


For fans of playing, stroking and cuddlinghis favorite British breed is unlikely to fit. These cats and cats are famous for their love to show off, but do not like to be touched. Get used quickly to the new room and will be affectionate and playful with those who love them and take care of them. At the same time, guests and new people, whenever possible, will hide and avoid contact in every possible way.

British Folded Black Cat

A British black cat or cat will never beto be bored alone. They are self-sufficient and have a great time with themselves. Therefore, this breed is well suited for busy people and businessmen who spend minimum time at home.


British black cat is one of the mostunpretentious breeds among this species. First of all, what you need to pay attention to is wool. To comb out the undercoat, special brushes and trimmers are purchased. The process is carried out weekly, if necessary 2-3 times in 7-10 days. Especially during moult.

Also during the annual renewal of the cat's furand cats actively lick themselves, and lumps of hairs gather in their stomach. In order not to have intestinal obstruction, it is necessary to give special pastes, tablets or fodders, which naturally dissolve the wool in the pet's body.

British cats of black color

Most harm for furniture can causesharp and long claws of a British cat. To protect household utensils, you need to install a few "scratches" in the house. It can be special posts with a coiled thick rope, which can be purchased at a pet store, or beautiful logs of felled trees. It is also necessary to regularly cut the claws and treat them with preventive measures, as this breed is prone to fungal diseases.


British lop-eared cat (black or anyanother suit) inherited from her ancestors strong health and immunity. But there are several diseases that can occur in this breed. First of all, professional breeders and specialists recommend monitoring the condition of the heart of a pet.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is manifested inadult representatives and is not subject to treatment, therefore, in order to prevent such ailment it is necessary to conduct ultrasound of the heart regularly, at least once a year. Begin this procedure from an early age of a cat or cat.

black and white British cats

Also the British black cat is susceptibleDiseases of the teeth. Therefore, the oral cavity should be monitored continuously. If you do not notice the periodontal disease in time, then later the pet can lose up to 30-35% of teeth. Regular cleaning, removing the stone and checking with veterinarians will help prevent this.

To ensure that the British always feel good,it is necessary to take care of them properly, choose a special diet and regularly visit specialized clinics for examination. It is preferable that a cat or cat is observed throughout life by a doctor who will be aware of all the ailments and peculiarities of your pet.


In the diet, British cats and cats are not fastidiousand they will eat practically everything that they will be offered. Therefore, you need to make the right diet and feed your pet with natural and high-quality food, so that it is healthy, beautiful and active. Many mistakenly believe that for cats, there is nothing better than a fish. Such a diet will not bring the necessary nutrients and vitamins to the animal's body.

In pet stores a large numbertypes of feed, both dry and wet. Some companies develop a special balanced diet, intended only for this breed. Preferences need to be given to more expensive products, they contain more natural meat, fresh vegetables and nutrients.

black British shorthair cat

If you are a supporter of natural products,It is necessary to prepare daily portions on your own. A cat or a cat should receive with food the necessary proteins from meat, natural fiber from vegetables and herbs, and you can sometimes add eggs and dairy products. Periodically, a pet must buy vitamins, which after examination can recommend a veterinarian. Also, there should always be fresh water in the house.

How to choose the right kitten

Ashen, black, black and white British catsor any other suit are distinguished by their attractive appearance. To buy a healthy kitten, you must first make sure of the good qualities of the parents. This is checked using a passport and a pedigree. Specialists recommend taking kids only in proven nurseries.

In the first place, in addition to the passport and pedigree,The kitten must have all the signs of the breed. Then you need to pay attention to the activity and playfulness of the baby. If there is lethargy, then there is the possibility of infection or disease. The condition of the ears and eyes should also be normal.

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