Why does the new baby have a lower lip?

Newborn children are the object ofattention of their young parents. Dads and moms catch every movement of the baby to be sure of its full development. So there are all sorts of anxieties and fears, when in the behavior of the baby there is something alarming, for example, the tremor of the chin, limbs or lower lip. It should be noted that these phenomena are very common, so they know about all or almost all. Let's see what it can mean if the lower lip is shaking in the newborn baby.

Immaturity of the nervous system

Tremor, chin and lower lip tremors stillcalled tremor. This is a medical term defining a phenomenon in which, due to the immaturity of the brain control centers of the newborn, uncontrolled movements of parts of the body occur.

the lower lip is shaking in the newborn
In other words, the baby's nervous system can not yetcontrol signals coming into the brain centers, which leads to such trembling of the limbs. This is one of the reasons why the lower lip is shaking in the newborn.

Tremor. Do I need to heal?

Tremors of the lower lip, chin and limbs canbe caused by increased intracranial pressure in the baby's head. Such a diagnosis can be made only by appropriate narrow specialists on the basis of a comprehensive survey. If a newborn has a lower lip trembling before 3 months of his life, then this is considered an uncritical symptom. As it was said, the reason can lie in the immaturity of the nervous system and adrenal glands, which are not able to control the release of hormones into the blood when emotions appear.

The lower lip is shaking in the newborn
The fact is that the newborn is shaking the lowerlip after exercise (fatigue, anxiety) or getting too bright impressions during the day. This is considered normal. If the tremor is observed without the presence of provoking factors, then you need to consult your pediatrician.

Features of therapy

Tremor in newborns up to 3 months should notcause parents to panic. If there is no problem with intracranial pressure, then this "ailment" is quite easily eliminated. Assign physiotherapy, massages, swimming in the children's pool, sedatives, vitamins. However, treatment should be agreed with the doctor, it's strictly forbidden to assign something to your child.

why the lip of a newborn is shaking
As a rule, after the measures taken, there is no longer anyThe lower lip is shaking in the newborn baby. In terms of treatment, massage and swimming are especially effective. Massages are recommended to be done only by a professional specialist who has experience with the smallest patients.

Why does the lip of the newborn shake? Other reasons

Among other things, the tremor of the lower lip can cause:

- hypertension of muscles;

- prematurity of the baby. These babies maturation of the nervous system occurs in a special way, because in the womb of the mother this process did not have time to be completed;

- Mother's stress during pregnancy. The adrenaline thrown into the blood through the placenta hit the baby, which could adversely affect the formation and development of structural areas of the brain;

- hypoxia during childbirth or pregnancy. The lack of saturation with oxygen also negatively affects the abovementioned body systems.

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