Documents for the registration of a newborn are important for every parent!

documents for the registration of a newborn

Man was born! And this means that in addition to the pleasant troubles associated with his upbringing, you are also expected to deal bureaucratic - the design of the first documents of your baby. Today we will tell you about what documents are needed for the registration of a newborn, which is a legal confirmation that the baby was really born.

ZAGS is the first place to visit after dischargefrom the hospital. You must bring documents for registration of the newborn. In the registrar's book a record will be made that confirms the birth of the child, and for the first time his personal data - surname, name, patronymic will be indicated. After a few days after the documents have been checked, the mother and father will receive a birth certificate for their baby. According to the federal legislation, it is necessary to apply to the registry office for newly-made parents during the first thirty days of life of the crumbs.

documents necessary for the registration of a newborn

List of documents for registration of a newborn in the registry office:

  1. Certificate from the maternity hospital (it is given to the woman in childbirth at discharge).
  2. Statement (you will write it in the registry office itself).
  3. Passports of parents.
  4. Certificate of marriage.

If the child's parents are not married in marriage, butthe father of the child recognizes paternity, then together with the birth certificate will also be issued a certificate of paternity. Also issued a certificate that allows you to receive a lump sum.

Passport Office

The next point to visitone of the parents of the newborn, is the territorial department of the FMS, or, more simply, the passport office. Take with you the certificate of the birth of the baby and the passport: your husband and your husband, they will make a record on the page "children."

Documents for registration of a newborn child at the place of permanent residence of one of the parents

list of documents for the registration of a newborn

According to the current legislation,register or, in simple language, register a child only at the address where either his mother or his father is registered. Even if you have a living space, where no one is registered or registered close relatives - your child in the house book of this house or apartment will not enter.

Documents required for the registration of the newborn at the place of residence:

  1. The certificate of his birth.
  2. Passports of parents.
  3. Consent of the second parent, if the mother and father are registered in different places.

To register a child is necessary within 90 calendar days from the moment of birth, otherwise parents face a serious fine - 2,5 thousand rubles.

This is the list of documents for registrationnewborn. But there are a few more papers that must necessarily be issued to your baby - a policy of medical compulsory insurance and the citizenship of the child.

Do not forget!

If there is no first document (fromthe last named), there may be problems with the polyclinic. Urgent medical care will be obligatory, but do not forget that during the first year of your child's life you will visit a doctor every month. It is better to make a policy right away! Contact the insurance company you selected with the birth certificate of the baby and the passport of one of the parents. First you will be given a temporary policy, in a month - the main one.

Such are the documents for the registration of the newborn, which must be formalized in the first months of his life.

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