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Relatively young, but quite popularthe brand is engaged in the production of a product that is loved by both men and women around the world, and the name is Nixon. Recently, this brand is an attribute of style, dimensionality and prosperity. As for their owners, it is a category of people who prefer brightness, individuality and fashion.

Historical roots of the brand

In the recent past, namely in 1998, wasbased such a popular brand as Nixon. Its ancestors were the legendary people - Chad Di Nenn and Andy Laats, who came up with the idea of ​​establishing a watch company in a small town Encinitas, located in one of the US states, namely, in California.

Thanks to the picturesqueness and beauty of the town was notother options for the location of the company's main office. It is in this tiny town that all lovers of surf ride to see the beauties and engage in their favorite sport.

Nixon Watches

Development of the company

The initial prerequisites on the way to the foundationbrand became personal preferences of its founders, who were avid fans of surfing. Thanks to his constructive and profound knowledge in this path Andy Laats was perfectly aware of what exactly is lacking for professional snowboarders and extreme lovers.

At this point, it was decided to release a product such as the wristwatch Nixon, the main category for which they were oriented, became lovers of extreme sports.

In modern times this brand producescompetitive products in the world market, which includes not only a wrist watch, but also other accessories for athletes. Nixon watches became the brainchild of young athletes who proved that style, comfort and extreme are compatible with each other.

Nixon Watches reviews

Distinctive features of the company

The Nixon watch is the embodiment of qualitymaterials and stylish design. To manufacture their products, manufacturers choose materials such as rubber, steel, leather and ceramics. All products are made only from the highest quality materials, since it is primarily aimed at athletes.

Product range

Thanks to designer fancy and professionalism, Nixon watches are produced in the following interpretations:

  1. Variants with one or two functioning dials, which have both customary for everyone, and enough individual forms.
  2. The types of watches in which the glass is madefrom materials of mineral or crystalline origin, but both versions are shockproof and resistant to negative environmental influences.
  3. Belts and bracelets are made of genuine leather, colored silicone and high-quality metal.
  4. The level of watertightness each buyer can choose with the necessary parameters for it.

Nixon men's watch

Nixon Watches: reviews

Nixon men's watches are quite strict, but inthe same time an extraordinary kind that sets a certain tone and direction to the general style, turning it into a more individual one. Judging by the feedback of the owners, they perfectly perform the functions assigned to them and look much more impressive than in the photographs.

Price and quality justify themselves, and impeccable andUninterrupted work does not give the opportunity to get lost in time. Watches of this brand are a universal option that fits perfectly under any clothing.

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