Fetal pregnancy effects, signs and recovery

Causes that are not always fully understood by physicians,stop the development of the embryo after the fertilization has occurred, the embryo was implanted into the uterus and strengthened in it. How sad this event is for a woman who watched with excitement the new state of her body. Sometimes his development stops early, and sometimes after 13 weeks, when the baby began to move.

The problem of this state is not uncommon, about 15%of the total number of conceptions is a frozen pregnancy. The consequences of this event are always unpleasant not so much from the physical as from the psychological point of view. The risk group includes the majority of women "for thirty," but younger mothers may be among those who have encountered this problem.

Possible causes of unresolved pregnancy

Sometimes there is anembrionia (infertileegg), when there is no development of the fetus. In some cases, the embryo can not develop, as the egg is fertilized, but only the fetal membranes that create the impression of a false pregnancy are formed.

Among the possible causes most often occurgenetic or hereditary diseases, entailing such a phenomenon as a frozen pregnancy. The consequences of infectious diseases, both acute and chronic, that worsen during pregnancy, can also be the cause. A group of similar diseases is quite wide: chlamydia, hepatitis, measles rubella, and some others. Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, thyroid disease, kidney and liver damage, can also provoke a frozen pregnancy.

Despite the fact that the exact reason for stoppingdevelopment of the fetus is difficult to call, the list is obtained impressive for the phenomenon of frozen pregnancy. The consequences of such diseases as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, maternal hormone imbalance, autoimmune failures, taking drugs without a doctor's prescription, poor nutrition, smoking and alcohol - all this can provoke a child's developmental arrest.

Signs and the possibility of "fading" the fetus in the early stages

Most cases of fetal development fadingaccounts for the early stages of pregnancy. One of the early manifestations is toxicosis. If he disappeared, the appetite improved, and all signs of pregnancy began to disappear, then this is the first symptom that should alert the future mother.

The complexity of the situation is that toxemia can andnot be initially, then possible spotting can become spotting. Sometimes the state of health worsens, the temperature rises slightly, abdominal pain may appear. It is difficult to notice signs and symptoms of such a phenomenon as a frozen pregnancy. Consequences - termination of pregnancy and spontaneous abortion. The most insignificant signs should be an occasion for immediate treatment to doctors.

Consequences of a stiffened pregnancy:

  • The natural course of events: waiting for a miscarriage.
  • For up to eight weeks, doctors can cause miscarriages, appointing special medications.
  • Scraping can be performed, which is accompanied by antibacterial therapy.
  • Mandatory control with ultrasound diagnosis.

On the question of how much a woman can wait for a spontaneous miscarriage, doctors can not answer unequivocally. Terms are from a week to a month.

How to recover and prepare to get pregnant again

Many women who have suffered a dead pregnancy,subsequently become full moms, nurturing and giving birth to healthy children. After treatment and recovery, women can again become pregnant. The main thing is to carry out a correct restoration after a frozen pregnancy in order to be able to give birth to a healthy child and to prevent fetal fading in the future.

Usually, the doctors' recommendations are togive the body a recovery period of at least six months. You need to undergo a checkup in the clinic to determine if there are any genetic or chronic diseases that provoke the fading of the fetus. The standard recommendations contain the following items during the recovery period:

  • Complete examination and delivery of tests (number and list will be the attending physician).
  • Research on the composition and level of hormones partners.
  • Research and analysis of the thyroid gland.
  • Checking the urogenital function.
  • Comprehensive check for infections, both acute and chronic.

Attempts to become pregnant after a spontaneous miscarriage and a stiff pregnancy should be positive

Many women care about how to get pregnantafter a dead pregnancy, is it possible to give birth after her healthy children? One frozen pregnancy can be an accident, but if this happens again and again, then, of course, there is a problem and you need to undergo a comprehensive examination and treatment.

Usually recommended for full recoveryorganism refrain from conception for six months, eat well, take vitamins, walk more, wait for complete recovery and normalization of the menstrual cycle. You should avoid physical activity, do not make long walks, avoid worry and stress. The first selection of the menstrual cycle is usually abundant, do not be afraid, it's normal.

It is very important to tune in to a positiveresult, do not be afraid of a new pregnancy. Believe that everything will be fine and adjust your body to a positive wave, so that the child (in the case of a new pregnancy) does not suffer from my mother's experiences. If you want to give birth to a healthy baby, then do not do it until you feel that you are ready to become a mother again and can tolerate a healthy child, not "loading" it with your fears.

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