Non-developing pregnancy. Treatment, consequences

Undeveloped pregnancy or as it is stillcalled frozen pregnancy - this phenomenon, when the development of the embryo stops. This happens on different terms, most often in the first trimester of pregnancy, but the fetal death can occur and much later. Unfortunately, the embryo can not be saved, but it is necessary to know about it, otherwise there is a danger to life and the woman herself.

An undeveloped pregnancy is determinedreception at the gynecologist or by means of US-diagnostics. Therefore, it is very important to monitor your health and visit doctors on time. There are cases when, with a stiff pregnancy, a woman marks the return of her former appetite and a decrease in toxicosis. In addition, the uterus continues to grow, as the placenta also grows. And only in some cases, women had weak bloody discharge from the vagina.

Most often, an undeveloped pregnancy isa consequence of serious violations of genetics. All according to the principle of natural selection: a fetus with serious pathologies can not be born healthy and live a full life. Herpes, toxoplasmosis, chlamydia can also cause fetal fading. Another abuse of cigarettes, drugs or alcohol can completely stop the development of the embryo.

Before the next pregnancy should beconsult with a specialist, because every such case should be investigated separately, because in addition to general reasons, there are individual factors that are associated with the woman's immune system, the course of pregnancy and other features of the female body.

With such a phenomenon as an undeveloped pregnancy, treatment consists of the single most important thing - the extraction of the fetus from the uterus is required in the shortest possible time.

This surgical intervention is performed undergeneral anesthetic anesthesia (scraping of a dead fetus from the uterine cavity) or vacuum aspiration. In cases where the size of the uterus is not more than an eight-week pregnancy, abortion with mifepristone (medication) is possible. After the fetal egg is removed, specialists are prescribed antibacterial therapy and a careful selection of contraceptives is made. Well, the subsequent pregnancy is recommended only after a lapse of six months or a year.

Non-developmental pregnancy canbring different. The necrotic fetus disintegrates, the decay products are absorbed into the blood and poison the body with toxic material. Also, the products of decay of the fetal tissues and the placenta give tissue thromboplastin, which enters the bloodstream of the mother and causes thrombotic complications and bleeding. Severe inflammation of the uterus is a threat to all subsequent pregnancies. In general, the consequences of a frozen pregnancy, often depend on the causes of its occurrence, but what events will follow further, unfortunately, can not always be predicted.

Health is restored after the frozenpregnancy for a very long time. You need to eat right, have a lot of rest and more out in the fresh air. Since the emotional state of a woman during this period is very unstable, in such situations, close people should give her maximum attention.

If the undeveloped pregnancy was no longerthe first time, then this family couple should undergo a genetic examination. There are cases when, by coincidence, parents have the same gene, which leads to a mutation in the child.
Unfortunately, this phenomenon canany woman. And this does not always indicate that she has serious problems in the body, because sometimes it suffices to suffer severe stress or a viral infection.

The main thing is, during the subsequent pregnancy to remove all the risk factors, and the chance for a happy baby will be much higher.

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