Didactic games in kindergarten for successful child development

Preschool age is one of the most important stagesin the life of a person, when not only his personal inclinations develop, but the general skills necessary for a full-fledged life activity are formed. Didactic games in kindergarten is one of the methods universally recognized in the educational system, which have proved to be the most rational way for the all-round development of a small person.

The most important task for whichdirected didactic games in kindergarten, is considered the development of fine motor skills of the hands. Everything passes in a strict planned order. Educators draw up abstracts of classes in which they clearly describe the order of actions performed by the child. The result of a correctly conducted lesson is the improvement of speech. It must correspond to the age category. And this happens only if the movement of the fingers is developed. Otherwise, the child is delayed speech development.

Didactic games in kindergarten trainmanual dexterity of the child, imperceptibly and unobtrusively preparing it for the next, school stage of his life. There is a purposeful preparation for the technique of writing, acquaintance with the figures that are important for geometry, topographic skills, the foundations of spatial thinking are laid, the eye is improved. We will emphasize that it is not training that is going on, but only a preparatory process, since the first is nevertheless associated with some moments of coercion to one or another activity. And, of course, the very important point of such activities is the formation of communication skills, the ability to communicate with the team, to live his interests, as well as perseverance and focus on one particular subject.

To apply didactic games in kindergartenbegin with the first days of the child's arrival in the preschool. But even at home the child should receive regular finger massage sessions, which are easy and very popular with the baby. The tips of the hands are closely related to the areas of the cerebral cortex responsible for the development of motor skills in the child. Exercises such as "The Magpie", "Ladushki" and others not only entertain the baby. They help to accelerate the development of the skills of the baby. In addition, those parents who correctly before the kindergarten teach their children to button and unbutton buttons themselves, wear and remove pantyhose and even tie and untie shoelaces. Elementary skills of self-service to the kid will not prevent, but on the contrary, will help to quickly join the general course of educational activities, supposed in the kindergarten.

An important place for the development of manual motor skills inPreschool age is occupied by crafts in kindergarten. Children with pleasure are engaged in manual work at modeling from plasticine, cutting out and gluing of various applications from a paper. Of course, a lot of preparatory work is required from the educator, who must stock up with the necessary material in advance. And here again everything must strictly correspond to the skills that are formed by the child to this moment, and actions are directed not only to the formation of new skills, but also to the consolidation of those that already exist. Crafts in kindergarten should not scare off the child and seem difficult to him. Only in this case he will fulfill them with pleasure.

Most pre-schoolers like classes, whendrawing is taking place in kindergarten. They at such lessons not only learn to handle graphic material. The child develops emotionally, because on paper he tries to portray those feelings that are exciting for him, and unfortunately he can not tell about everything yet. But we must remember that drawing in kindergarten is associated with proper posture and therefore pay attention to the child's planting, as well as the way he keeps the pencil from the moment he begins to outline the first contours.

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