What should be the ratio of height and weight in children

The quality of physical indicators of infants,as a rule, determine the size of the chest, head, growth rates, body weight. As the main indicator, the ratio of height and weight in children is analyzed.

the ratio of height and weight in children

It should be emphasized that the above parametersin a child under the age of one year in the period of breastfeeding are different from those that are inherent in babies receiving artificial feeding. Most often, if the baby is breastfeeding, then he is gaining weight more slowly. However, it should be borne in mind that mother's milk has better digestibility, besides, it provides the child with immunity, so that he is less sick.

The ratio of height and weight in children is one of thethe most important parameters of their physical development, which must be checked regularly. In this case, the genetic component can primarily affect the growth of the baby, while its weight depends on the composition and quality of nutrition. Also, parents need to understand that the normal ratio of height and weight in children can not be ensured by the principle: "The more products a child receives, the better." The process of feeding the baby should be correct and dosed.

the ratio of height and weight in children to one year

To ensure that the ratio of height and weight in children isoptimal, the World Health Organization advises young mothers to feed the baby only breastfeed until it turns six months old. Only after reaching this age, a child can gradually add artificial nutrition, while up to one year to breast-feed the mother must by all means.

Considering the ratio of height and weight in children toyear, it should be noted that the latest information obtained differs from those that were recorded earlier. At the same time, WHO recommendations were strictly enforced (breastfeeding up to one and a half years). The reason for this discrepancy is that previously compiled charts are "morally" obsolete. However, very often parents are suggested to take as a basis some kind of matrix, by means of which the balance is determined between the height and weight of the child.

The problem is that the weight tablea child under a year was developed even more than two decades ago and for the "reference point" was taken data from children whose diet included only artificial products.

baby's weight chart up to a year

Premarital children deserve special attention. The above category includes those that were born before the deadline. A premature baby weighs, as a rule, no more than 2.5 kilograms, and his height at birth is 40-45 centimeters.

Care for these children should be special, as well as the power system.

Undoubtedly, the criterion of the optimal ratioweight and height with respect to the premature baby is not a priority. Such a kid must be under compulsory supervision under the constant supervision of a doctor.

Thus, toddlers under the age of one yearshould regularly check their height and weight, in order to have a clear dynamics of these indicators. Only in this case it is possible to draw conclusions about the physical development and health of the child.

We should also not forget that every child has individual developmental features that do not always fit into the generally accepted programs of weight and growth.

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