Capella: there are plenty to choose from!

With the appearance of the baby in the family before allparents are the question of buying a stroller. Find information about wheelchairs of different models today is not a problem - it's not only reviews of acquaintances, but also cognitive articles.

Especially popular among buyers areCapella - strollers that meet all modern requirements. However, you may have another problem - which one should you choose? After all, there are lots of variants, and different modifications and accessories accompanying them, and even more. In addition, they all have different costs. How not to make a mistake with the choice?

capella strollers

First, determine how and where the stroller will be used, and based on these criteria, you can proceed with choosing the most suitable model for these conditions.

Big cane S32: summer-winter variant

All-season The Capella S stroller, weighing 8.3 kg - is among theThe other models are the most versatile. Its universality lies in its ability to use it in different situations. It is suitable not only for everyday use, but also for travel. The stroller can easily be folded and takes up very little space in this form. In doing so, it performs the functions of walking, insulated and with a wide space for the child.

stroller capella s

Another advantage of such a model isa design that allows to lay the backrest horizontally, completely, up to 180 degrees, that is, it can be used for walking straight from the birth of the child and up to 3 years.

The drawbacks include the size of the bag forpurchases, it is comparatively less than other muggers. The disadvantages are also the size of the wheels. However, if you buy such a stroller for a city where there is no big dirt, then using it will not cause inconvenience.

Stroller for every day

If you need a strollerfor every day, and you live on the first floor, you should think about buying a large stroller. Let it and heavy, but it has good roadability on our roads. In addition, it has more space for the baby, a more thoughtful design, which during the walk protects the child from the weather, and there is a basket of solid sizes for shopping.


However, all Capella (strollers) are good in their own way, but there is another interesting option.

Three-wheeled stroller

Among the models of carriages Capella worth drawingattention to the three-wheeled stroller - Capella S-901. It is not only the heaviest and largest in size (its weight is almost 13 kg), but is the only model with inflatable wheels.

This model of Capella (wheelchair) will easily passin the cargo elevator, and by functionality among her other sisters she has no equal. The serious disadvantages include the rear axle, its width is 64.8 cm, which makes it almost impossible to enter the passenger elevator. In other cases, this is an excellent maneuvering model: the presence of inflatable wheels that allow you to walk freely through forest hummocks and snow cover, a large promenade, a hood with a mosquito net, and a warm mattress that can be removed if necessary. The presence of all this makes this model Capella (stroller) suitable for almost any weather.

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