CAMEL - cigarettes with a lot of history

CAMEL - cigarettes one of the most famous in the worldtobacco brands. The history of this brand is a clear proof of how you can work over the years, while maintaining a high, almost standard quality. Moreover - the history of the whole tobacco market is divided into two so-called stages - before CAMEL appeared, and after. By the way, scientists note that this industry has changed markedly at this moment. In a word, CAMEL - cigarettes, which "could make a lot of adjustments" in history. And it says a lot ...

CAMEL - cigarettes are known for a long time

So, where did the story begin? CAMEL - cigarettes, first appeared in 1913. Then Richard Joshua Reynolds opened his own production. For the first cigarettes, Virginia soft varieties mixed with Turkish dark tart tobacco were used. Later this composition will be called American Blend and will become world famous. This recipe will be repeated by many tobacco manufacturers in different countries.

camel cigarettes

A little about advertising

CAMEL - cigarettes that managed to enter more and into historyadvertising. The first company launched by agents was very bright. Before the sale of this product, in all American publications appeared images of camels. The slogan was simple: "Camels". The next day the slogan became a little bigger. It sounded like this: "Camels are coming." The third day stirred the people even more. Advertisement read: "Tomorrow there will be more camels." People were waiting for something very unusual. On the day of sales, an ad appeared in the newspapers: "The camels are already here." This original advertising trick immediately brought this brand a lot of loyal fans. Cigarettes became recognizable, and sales - solid. Almost all smokers wanted to try a new brand.


As a result, in a rather short time manyHollywood stars have already seen it with CAMEL. A pack of cigarettes was also present in the hands of many politicians. For example, it was noticed that Roosevelt, preparing to pronounce the speech about America's entry into the war, was smoking CAMEL instead of the usual MARLBORO. Accordingly, these cigarettes quickly became "soldier". They reminded men of the house, encouraged them. This image of the position of this brand only strengthened.

Some time after the war, people's interestsbegan to change. It began to exploit the craving for adventure and change of places. It is against this background that CAMEL was able to create its new image. Its final formation was due to sports - quality cigarettes for men with a character. Adrenaline, cars, speed, racing, traveling ...

camel pack of cigarettes

In 1999, the new owner of the company decided thatAn outdated traveler of the image of a modern man does not match. The pack began to take shape laconically, becoming simply golden. Of course, with a camel. After all, age and brand recognition are its most important components. Although to date the brand is already striving for novelty, trying to maintain its status at the same time.

CAMEL in Russia

In Russia, these cigarettes appeared in 1992. Until then, they got here only through illegal channels. Since 2000, they began to be produced already in St. Petersburg.

Since 2008, the company has been re-branded. The composition of the tobacco mixture and the design of the packaging have also changed. The famous camel has become more detailed and clear. There were also cigarettes CAMEL "blue".

camel blue cigarettes

In general, the history of this brand is developingfull swing. CAMEL is not afraid to make new decisions, constantly acquiring new fans. And this, of course, is a big bonus for the company. However, nothing surprising. In the tobacco market, this brand is so popular for a reason. High quality, popular brand and fairly affordable price - an ideal ratio for the buyer.

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