How Teacher's Day is celebrated in Belarus

Teacher's Day in Belarus is celebrated in the firstthe Sunday of October. In 2017, this holiday was celebrated on October 1. Who celebrates the teacher's day in Belarus? Greetings sound to the employees of the education sphere: educators, teachers, masters of industrial studies. Consider this day, as their professional holiday, employees of preschool, out-of-school, higher education.

teacher's day in Belarus

Importance of the profession

A teacher is not just a person who teachesdifferent sciences. It is the teachers who are the bearers of the moral principle and spirituality. They are engaged in the upbringing of the younger generation. Teacher's Day in Belarus is a holiday of more than 200 thousand school and university teachers, educators, teaching 2 million wards.

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Traditions of the holiday

How is the Teacher's Day in Belarus? Students give gifts and flowers to their teachers. Higher officials of the state (president, ministers) congratulate teachers, note the importance and prestige of the work of educators. On the Teacher's Day in Belarus there are festive concerts. Some educational institutions organize Days of self-government, during which the place of teachers is occupied by their pupils. The best employees are awarded diplomas and certificates on their professional holiday.

How there was a holiday

What is the history of the holiday? Teacher's day in Belarus is associated with the existence of the Soviet Union. In 1965, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR adopted the Decree, according to which memorable and festive dates were established in the country. According to the adopted document, the holiday fell on the first Sunday of October.

After the Soviet Union ceased to exist, and in 1994 the World Teacher's Day was established, the holiday of teachers did not endure in Belarus.

When is the teacher's day in Belarus celebrated? The date of the professional holiday is approved by the Decree of the President of the country A. Lukashenko "On solemn dates". In the Republic of Belarus this is the first Sunday in October.

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Features of the profession

It is associated with pedagogy, psychology. In addition to the constant familiarization of pupils with the observance of laws, the formation of high moral qualities in the younger generation, the development of one's own dignity, diligence, responsibility, teachers, they carry out methodological activities and ensure the implementation of existing state programs.

It is the school teachers who stimulateself-development of children and adolescents, are engaged in the development of pourochnoy planning, conduct a systematic analysis of academic performance. Belarusian teachers perfectly master certain personal qualities: tactfulness, endurance, efficiency, concentration of attention, self-control.

Knowledge, skills, acquired skills of Belarusianstudents are assessed on a ten-point system. If a child says that there are a lot of "fives" in his diary, by Belarusian standards he is a typical troechnik.

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The profession of a teacher is one of the mostcomplex and responsible now among other specialties. Belarus pays special attention to increasing the prestige of teachers' work. Various competitions of pedagogical skills are conducted in the Republic aimed at identifying and supporting talented Belarusian teachers.

On Teacher's Day grateful pupils of children'sgardens, schools of general education, lyceums and their parents come with huge bouquets of flowers, express their gratitude to their mentors for sensitive attitude, deep knowledge, help in finding a way of life.

Concerts that children prepare for their loved onesteachers, are a direct confirmation of respect for the complex and responsible work of Belarusian teachers. It is on Teacher's Day that the incumbent President of the Republic of Belarus invites the best teachers to his place, and gives them state and departmental awards. Of course, one day is clearly not enough to express all the gratitude, respect to representatives of this hard work.

A whole complex is being held in the Republic of Belarusactivities aimed at increasing the prestige of teacher education. Numerous measures of material support of talented teachers are carried out, special attention is paid to working with young teachers.

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