When it starts to feel nausea in pregnancy

Pregnancy of a woman is a wonderful time. But the magic anticipation of the birth of a small miracle is overshadowed when it begins to vomit during pregnancy. This condition of the doctors called toxicosis.

Why are pregnant women sick?

There are several opinions on this matter.In one, doctors agree that when it starts to vomit during pregnancy, it is a natural reaction of the organism to the changes taking place in it. Only here on what phenomena - in this opinion the doctors diverge. Some say that such a reaction is quite appropriate, since the protein of the newfangled fetus is alien and until the body is accustomed and does not accept the fruit, it gives a reaction.

But there is another version, according to whichthe central nervous system of a woman does not manage to control rapidly occurring natural processes and therefore a condition arises when she begins to feel sick during pregnancy.

The third version is the most common, where the reasontoxicosis acts as the balance of metabolism of the future mother. This condition is a kind of hormonal regulator, because of the body's production of a woman's insulin every time after eating. Resistance to this provokes nausea, aversion to food and vomiting.

Is it always sick when you're pregnant?

Most often, toxicosis occurs at the early stagepregnancy and passes by the fourteenth week alone. More often a condition when it starts to vomit during pregnancy, occurs in primiparous mothers. In the subsequent pregnancy, toxicosis can not be at all, and this is a good sign. This can mean that the body is fully adapted and pregnancy is good. But sometimes toxicosis occurs in the late stages of pregnancy, and this condition is regarded as pathological, so they are treated in a hospital. Late toxicosis, or, as it is called, gestosis, affects women with a disability of the endocrine system, as well as with kidney and vascular diseases. Symptoms of gestosis include not only nausea and vomiting, but also weight gain, swelling, low urination, increased systolic and diastolic pressure, and the presence of protein in the urine. If nausea in the early stages is considered a safe state for the mother and the baby's future, then late toxicosis is dangerous for both and can lead to irreversible processes. Therefore, at the first sign of gestosis, you must always consult a doctor.

How to avoid nausea during pregnancy?

There are factors that predisposethe body of a woman to a toxicosis, perhaps if she gets rid of the effects of these factors, it is possible to avoid the state of toxicosis, or weaken it. So, the emergence of nausea in pregnancy can provoke chronic diseases, for example, the stomach and the whole intestinal tract, harmful, inefficient nutrition, thyroid disease, stress and nerve overexertion.

But if nausea, vomiting and reaction to odors stillthere are some special drugs that can help cope with this condition, such as "Torekan" and "Cerucal". They will help with an easy stage of toxicosis. But you should always remember that taking medications during pregnancy is highly undesirable, and before taking any pill, you need to consult a doctor. This, incidentally, applies to folk medicine, any broth or infusion taken inside, can turn into a tragedy.

The best way to fight nausea isintake of vitamins, proper nutrition and the presence of bread crust in your pocket, sometimes someone replaces bread with orange or lemon zest. Since toxicosis almost always occurs on an empty stomach, the bread crust in your pocket will be very welcome.

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