The best congratulation to the godson from the godmother on his birthday

Being a godfather is a great honor and responsibility. Remember all the holidays, know everything about the child's hobbies, his favorite cartoons and toys, act as a kind sorceress who can fulfill desires. So she thinks every year, how to compose a congratulation to her godson from the godmother on her birthday, so that the holiday is fabulous.


Christening is an exciting moment when a woman takes the baby in her arms, realizing her responsibility for the little man.

The first congratulation to the godson from the cross on the daybirth will be pronounced as a toast or solemn speech at the christening. After all, christening is a birth in a new quality. Together with gratitude for the trust, the godparent will wish both parents and the baby good health and good. That he grew up in an atmosphere of love and harmony.

The cross will have many more occasions and occasions to say kind words to his godson.

congratulations to the godson from the godmother on his birthday

For the baby

On the day of birth the child feels special, around him guests turn, his world is filled with warm words and gifts.

Congratulation to the godson from the cross on the daybirth can be written by chocolate on his favorite cake. Such a gift he will be crazy again. And if this becomes a tradition, then any cake in the life of the godson will be associated with the holiday and congratulations from the godmother.

happy birthday to a godson in prose

Godmother Fairy

The best congratulation will be the organization of the holiday.

Such a congratulation to the godson from the cross on the daybirth will be remembered forever. Costumed matinee, a friendly trip to the cafe, where the heroes of favorite fairy tales with contests and gifts for the little ones are waiting, an interesting thematic quest or a pirate party for older children, a picnic with entertainments for teens will be the best gift from the godmother.

Godmother as a good fairy,

Gifts and words without regret,

I made congratulations

Happy birthday to the boy!


All children love balloons. A bunch of ordinary balls or foil cartoon characters on a stick, a garland of congratulations or helium that will soar into the sky - the kid will equally be pleased with them.

And if, as in a fairy tale, the godmother knocked at the door and presented him with a bouquet of marbles along with the best wishes, and even a long-awaited gift, everyone would benefit from this.

Wishes from the godmother

Wishes from the cross can be in any form: written on a postcard or told personally in the ear, pronounced toast or a song. It does not matter whether congratulations on his birthday to a godson in prose or verses, the main thing is that they are said from the heart.

Perfectly perceived such congratulations in verse:

In a huge city lives,

Not knowing grief and cares.

Everyone loves him around,

Pamper and pigeon.

Today he is a king,

Birthday is the password.

Everyone knows this secret,

They did not happen by chance.

Congratulate everyone decided,

With gifts, they hurried.

We wish a sweet life, like a cake.

Here's a birthday toast.

poems with the birthday of the godson

Poems with the birthday of a godson can be written or found in the article above.

If there is no opportunity to congratulate in person, you can wish all the best by phone. The main thing is not to forget the birthday of the godson. A loving heart will tell you what words to say.

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