What is the Air Force holiday? We are sorting out together.

For more than 100 years our homeland has beenthe owner of the army of the air force. She finds its sources in the Russian Empire, which became her ancestor, buying aircraft from France. This became a prerequisite for the establishment of flight schools, and then for the creation of military aviation. Until now, Russia pays tribute to the pilots who did not return from the battlefield, at the price of their lives won the victory, honors the military, who passed the exercises and achieved success in the service. However, not everyone knows what day the holiday of the Air Force, in spite of its state status. To clarify, one should turn to history.

Birth of the celebration

Initially, the Day of the Air Force canbe counted on August 12. It was this number in 1912 that Nicholas II signed a decree on the creation of the first aviation unit, which was part of the General Directorate of the General Staff. Before that, aviation was part of the engineering troops. And only with the signing of the Decree began to perform independent intelligence functions.

Why, then, does the question arise about what is the Air Force holiday?

It is necessary to remember that sometime in Russia there was a Soviet and post-Soviet space.

The first prerequisite for changing the date of the celebration was the creation of the workers 'and peasants' Red Navy in 1918.

what day is the feast in the air

Even then, the Bolsheviks were getting rid of all the symbols and vestiges, reminiscent of the Russian Empire that once existed.

Soviet time

Let's begin our study of the topic. Feast of the Air Force, which number was approved from the times of the USSR?

holiday day in the century

In 1933, under the new fleet, is electedthe new date of celebration is August 18. The main motive in choosing the day was the combination of the celebration with the end of the summer period of combat training and demonstration of the merits of aviation production. Now the holiday includes compulsory competitions in aeronautical engineering, presentation in the field of aerobatics mastery, as well as fire exercises.

The purpose of creating the Day of the Air Force becamepropaganda of the development of socialism through the growth of aviation construction and the strengthening of air defense. However, it would be fair to note that the fleet of the USSR consisted of several aircraft, which means that soon they began to separate, demanding their own day of honors. So, for example, there was a Day of Civil Aviation.

So, the question, when the holiday is the day of the Air Force, what number to celebrate, remains open.

Post-Soviet period

The situation is inevitable when the Air Force joins the general trend and solicits a separate display of respect.

what day is the feast in the air

In 1997, the President of the Russian Federation,listening to the requests of military aviators and taking into account their services, both in land and sea military operations, issues a decree on the recognition of the Air Force Day and returns the historic date - August 12.

Now the question of what day the air force celebrates seems to have been resolved. But no.

Having finally confused the people, a decision was madeto approve the third Sunday of August as the official Day of the Air Force. The reason for this was the need to combine the Day of the founding of Russian aviation with a day off. Thus, the government was able to find a consensus, not forgetting the historical roots.

Slight confusion

Some do not just ask the question of the date of the celebration, but ask: "What is the holiday of the Air Force, air defense?"

Do not combine these two great events into one. Despite some similarity in dates, the Air Force Day, as we found out, is celebrated on the third Sunday of August, and the Day of Air Defense - the second Sunday in April - the holidays are different.

what day is the feast of the twentieth century
In addition, the celebration of the Air Defense Dayyounger. The first participation in the battle of these troops was marked by the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. It was for the services during this difficult period for the country that the army was awarded with its own memorable day.

True, this was not without the change of dates. Initially, the air defense day was celebrated on April 11, but already in 1980 it was postponed to the second Sunday of the same month.

Yet the differences between these memorable dates are stronger than their similarity.


Great dates of our country should be remembered, because this is the story, the struggle of ancestors for the life that we now have.

holiday in the twelfth century

What is the holiday of the Air Force, it is necessary to know everyone, this holiday should be celebrated, paying tribute to all those who fought for our peaceful sky.

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