Parents to note: a riddle about a stork

Many parents with the appearance of their babyunderstand that they need to replenish their knowledge in the field of riddles, proverbs, sayings and fairy tales. Here, for example, is a riddle about a stork: "On two red columns a white house was set up."

But does every adult person find the answer to this question? And the child? Will he be able to answer clearly and clearly? Or wrong, because no one ever asked him such questions?

Let's talk about this a little more.

Who is a stork?

To begin with, the stork is a special bird.According to ancient beliefs, it is the snow-white stork that brings the beautiful kids to the house. Of course, in this view there are echoes of the oldest mythological legends, but today kids are told that it was this bird that brought them to the daddy and mother in diapers.

Therefore, the mystery about a stork for children often sounds in the family. After all, her hero is a real magician.

riddle about a stork

Children love this strong and slightly mysterious bird, which they occasionally see near human habitation or in the wild.

Examples of kind puzzles

Still, try to give some of the most common examples of puzzles.

One of them is in verse: "He lives on the roof, he nests the nest, he loves the children sweetly, he himself is long-winged, he brings all the kids to the house stealthily."

Or another riddle about the stork, but already in prose: "The bird is white, big, a messenger of good news and a lover of frogs."

Another question for young listeners: "Who has a long beak, likes to build a house on the roof? Who hastens to surprise us, who brings the baby to my mother? "

You can ask children about a bird that looks like a heron, but not a heron, has a strong beak, but not a woodpecker, lives in nests that prefer to hang high, for example, on the roof, like fishes like frogs.

Surely, the children will be able to answer all these questions.

a riddle about a stork for children

Why do children need such riddles?

The riddle about the stork is, of course, a wonderful children's entertainment, but it is worth considering the question of why such puzzles are necessary for children?

"Riddles are necessary!" - will answer the parents of experienced teachers. After all, they teach the child to logical thinking, develop his imagination, teach him to compare the facts of the surrounding reality with each other.

Therefore, be sure to ask your kids different puzzles. Among them there may be a riddle about a stork, a frog, a birch tree and so on.

The main thing is that your child learns to observe natural phenomena, the world of animals and plants, draw correct conclusions and try to behave with dignity.

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