What is good for pregnant women. Caring for the future mother and baby

A truism for a woman who waitsthe child - proper nutrition and getting all the necessary vitamins and substances necessary for the full-time intrauterine development of the child and then his birth. The greatest miracle on the planet Earth requires attention and care from the first day of conception. This is exactly what the future mother's thoughts should occupy, which, naturally, already loves and waits for her baby from the first minute.

To this responsible mission, assigned to itmother-nature, the future mother should treat with due respect and pay close attention to what is useful for pregnant women to provide all the necessary life in her life. Compliance with simple recommendations will help prevent unwanted moments in the development of the fetus.

Very important is vitamin A, which is a stimulantreproduction of cells and their growth. Therefore, you need to use such useful products for pregnant women with this vitamin, like egg yolk (no more than 2 eggs a day - only hard-boiled or in the form of an omelette - it is, in addition, a high-grade protein, and a full set of almost all trace elements), boiled milk, skimmed sour cream, butter, offal - especially the liver.

From the fact that it is useful to eat pregnant, specialthe place is given to the vitamin of the continuation of the genus, which stimulates fetal development and prevents premature birth - vitamin E, it also participates in the assimilation of vitamin A. Its source are vegetable oils, nuts, the same eggs, legumes, cereals.

Proper growth and development of a strong skeleton andteeth is promoted by vitamin C, its consumption is necessary daily. Here, they come to the aid of rich citrus fruits (if they are not allergic), vegetable salads, tomatoes, black currant, dog rose, green onions, sweet peppers, kiwi. Thanks to vitamin C, the immune system is strengthened and stimulated.

A couple of times a week in the diet should be presentfish (low-fat varieties) - is phosphorus, calcium - a building material for the cartilage and bones of the child. And the most useful products for pregnant women - dairy, which is the main supplier of calcium - they need to be consumed daily.

Next come vegetables - this is, first of all, fiber,"Useful" carbohydrates, minerals. Plus an incredible amount of vitamins and organic acids. Now let's see what fruits are useful for pregnant women - almost everything, because they are natural pantries of natural vitamins, fiber and organic acids. The only limitation is if they are allergens to a particular person. And more from the list, what fruits are useful to pregnant women, it is desirable to somewhat restrict the use of bananas, grapes, dates, since they contain a lot of carbohydrates. It is also worthwhile to refrain from exotic fruits if the future mother did not eat them in the course of her life. Very useful are forest berries - strawberries, cranberries, cranberries, cloudberries.

Of drinks, of course, completely excludedall alcohol, even with a scanty alcohol content. It is shown to be used - compotes, fruit drinks, jelly, mineral water without gas and can be not strong - coffee (no more than 1 cup), black tea and green.

It is important to know what is useful to eat pregnant women fromanimal fats? Only butter and baked high grade. No fat and margarine is taboo. And it is also important that it is useful to eat pregnant animals from animal proteins? Low-fat meat, including poultry meat. A complete rejection of your favorite sausages and doctor's sausage, from smoked foods, canned food and spicy condiments.

Food should be fractional, frequent, but little by little, to ensure comfortable and trouble-free work for the body, working in this critical period with a double load.

Only a few months of a scrupulous approach to nutrition will ensure the birth of a healthy baby and the harmony of a young mother.

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