False pregnancy in animals - what is it?

From the very beginning, it must be said that the falsepregnancy is not a disease. Such a condition can be called "physiological pseudo-perfection," since periodically any non-pregnant dog develops characteristic symptoms.

If you take all the pets, then it isdogs false pregnancy occurs most often. This is because in dogs the phase of the sexual cycle has the same length as the phase of pregnancy, about 60-70 days. Thus, in both non-pregnant and pregnant females, the luteal phase is the same, and they have the same hormones. False pregnancy is completely related to the fact that the level of prolactin in the blood of the animal rises. Therefore it is quite natural for all dogs.

False pregnancy in cats occurs much less often and occurs almost imperceptibly, since their diestrosis period is significantly less than the duration of pregnancy.

False pregnancy in dogs can have suchsigns like nervousness, loss of appetite, arrangement of the nest and the beginning of lactation, but in some individuals it may be almost invisible. Usually, after estrus, there is only one false pregnancy, but when using hormones, there may be cases of its recurrence.

Depending on how the falsepregnancy and what are its symptoms, the question of its treatment is being decided. In some cases, it passes by itself, but in the presence of pronounced symptoms it is necessary to begin treatment of the pet.

The most common type of treatment for thisThe condition is hormone therapy using drugs that contain estrogens, progestogen, androgens and antagonists of prolactin. But the use of this type of treatment can cause side effects, for example, progestogens can cause weight gain, lactation can begin after the end of the medication, bladder hyperplasia of the endometrium, discoloration of the coat, and alopecia at the injection site. The presence of estrogens can cause anemia or thrombocytopenia. Prolactin antagonists also in an animal can cause anorexia, vomiting, general oppression.

False pregnancy in dogs - treatment

Since the use of hormonal drugs hasnegative sides, then homeopathic remedies are increasingly being used. They are completely safe, effective and constitute a worthy competition for hormone therapy.

One such means is Ovariovit. This drug regulates the function of the pituitary gland, helps restore the hormonal status of the animal's body and helps to eliminate mental disorders.

In order to prevent false pregnancyovariovitis begins to give to the dog approximately 30-45 days after the estrus is over. Apply one injection once every 4 days or give pills every day, the course of prevention lasts for two weeks.

In the event that there are already obvioussigns of false pregnancy, the drug is used in the form of injections in the amount of 1 ml of the drug per 10 kg of animal weight. One injection per day is done for 5-10 days, and then 1 injection per week. If you use ovariovit in tablets, then it should last for two weeks.

Also, the use of said preparationIt is recommended when the animal has lesions of the body during allopathic therapy, insufficient functioning of the ovaries, sexual cycle disorders, as well as infertility of females.

If Ovariovit is applied immediately prior to mating, this will increase the percentage of fertilization and an increase in litter will be provided.

It is the application of homeopathic therapy that allows you to correct hormonal disorders in an animal and not cause damage to its body.

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