An aristocratic pet, or Than to feed British cats

The question of what to feed British cats, forMany people who have these elegant, capricious and fastidious pets often get the character of a topical and burning problem. No wonder "decorative predators" of this breed have long earned among the felinologists the reputation of gentle, refined and even a few aristocratic creatures. Therefore, a British cat, whose care seems to be very responsible and difficult, requires a special approach to her diet.

What to feed British cats?

Cats, even if they are domestic, by natureare predatory carnivorous creatures. Their natural prey and hunting trophy are small rodents and the same small birds, representing from the point of view of "cat's gastronomy" a specialized and fairly high-calorie mixture of meat, internal organs (liver), skin and six.

Of course, to offer the cat such a menu inconditions of home maintenance seems to be a very troublesome task, if not entirely unrealistic. Yes, and it is unlikely that a fluffy and gentle creature who has never seen wildlife will greatly rejoice at such an extraordinary diet. In principle, now there is such a huge amount of highly nutritious and super-caloric cat food that each pet owner himself determines for himself what to feed the British cats.

British cat. Food

But the diet of this "tail-baleen" creationmust contain a large number of proteins, various minerals, fats, vitamins and carbohydrates. The main thing is to remember that the health and liveliness of the animal depend on the correct solution of the question of what to feed British cats. When choosing the optimal diet for your pet, you need to take into account the following factors: the content of nutrients in the feed, its energy value, the degree of digestibility of various components and, of course, the taste of the food offered to the British. It is important to know that a balanced diet is one that fully meets the animal's nutritional, mineral and energy needs.

Thus, a British cat, whose foodwell balanced, will always have an elegant and attractive appearance, excellent health and an excellent level of vitality. The entire diet of a pet must be seventy percent water, 15% protein, 12% fat, two more carbohydrates and one percent mineral. Such distribution by specialists is considered optimal. It is known that cats need more protein than any other pet.

British cat. Care

Meat, no doubt, should form the basisdiet, as befits real predators. It's not so important, be it beef or horse meat. The main thing that it was not very fat. Great benefit to the cat's body will also bring internal organs - liver, kidneys, lungs. Extreme caution should be exercised with regard to raw mutton, duck and pork - they can cause serious diseases of your pet. But what to feed British cats is not recommended at all, so it's any food from a human table (fried, boiled, salted, sweet, with spices), Hercules and most of the widely advertised fodder of very poor quality (Whiskas and others).

Also, carefully give the cat fish. Especially such as pollock, herring, sprat and capelin. Very often, the overfeeding of animals with such food causes them to disrupt metabolic processes and urolithiasis. If the cat prefers fish, then, in her body, a deficiency of vitamin B was formed. It is better to fill it by including in the diet the sprouted grains and the greens of oats, wheat or other cereals.

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