Where To Go With The Child

Young people who became a husband and wife and employedbuilding a career or working on complex projects in a solid company, suddenly become happy parents for themselves. This situation is quite likely, and is not out of the ordinary.

Torn between career and family, youngparents resort to the services of a nanny, then a 24-hour kindergarten, a school with an extended day group. But there comes a time when the parents of the child who have already gained a little experience and have reached some of their goals decide to make a breather. There is free time, and tormented by remorse, parents decide to devote all their time to the family and their already grown-up first-grader.

Here suddenly quite serious troubles begin: parents even have no idea where to go with the child and even just how to have a rest with the child.

What to do?

For a start, it would be niceget acquainted with your child and find out what he wants and what he dreams about. It turns out that many children are eager to spend more time with the most beloved people - his parents. For the child, his mother is strongly associated with home, peace and reliable protection, the father is the best friend and protector, who also can teach the kid all important things. Therefore, children with such great impatience expect the weekend and are very upset if parents do not have time for them again.

Parents, while thinking about the weekend, often dreamsleep longer, sit in the chair in front of the TV or with a book in hand, or even skip a couple of glasses with friends, and about where to go with the child, do not think. So it turns out that a small person is left alone and is looking for a way out, disappearing into a bad company, starting smoking, trying alcohol ...

Parents, consciously or unconsciously depriving themselves of communication with their child, are also deeply unhappy, only do not know about it.

And if you try? Think about how to relax with your child in the best possible way.

If your vacation and your child's vacation coincide, theneverything can be arranged in the best way. But how to spend a vacation with a child? Of course, all these days to sit with the children in front of the TV or all day to flounder in the snow - terribly boring. Think on the family council and carefully plan all these few days. Let in this plan for each day will be provided something new. On the first day of the hill, in the second - a skating rink, further museums, theatrical performances, a circus, folk festivities, a visit to guests and a masquerade ball.

Be sure to try to do what you andthemselves dreamed of as a child, but this dream did not come true. Maybe you wanted to play a role on the stage? - Put a home show with the participation of all family members, invite friends and neighbors. We dare to assure you - you will have great pleasure.

It's good to visit the whole family with friends that you have not met for a long time - this will also bring pleasure to you and your child.

How to spend a vacation with a child - now it's alreadyabsolutely clear. You can even arrange a children's holiday in the courtyard with the participation of neighbors and relatives, it's good to go on a small hike through the winter forest or the city park. It's not just a walk, but also telling the child about the life of the forest in winter. Put a bird feeder with the baby, let the kid add food to the already hung bird feeders and watch the birds.

Where to go with the child? In the forest, in the park, in the circus, in the theater, in the children's cafe - there are a lot of opportunities for a good rest together with a small member of the family.

But a natural question may arise: but why all this? Why on holidays or on holidays it is necessary to occupy yourself and your child? Maybe it's enough for adults to take a break from work, and children from school?

That's the whole point, that passive rest, that iscomplete idleness, cause in children not at all positive emotions, but real stress. A boy or a girl does not rest in this way, but they are tormented by loitering around the apartment and, at the first opportunity, break out into the yard, often to very dubious entertainments.

So is not it better to break a little in the answer to the question "Where to go with the child", but to give a real holiday to the kid, to himself and the whole family?

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