Gemon Dog Food - detailed description

In this article we will discuss dog foodGemon. From the choice of the menu for the four-legged friend depends on his activity and state of health. The product, which we will talk about today, has won a worthy reputation.


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Gemon dog food is produced in Italiancompany. The food is balanced and full. This solution is suitable for different breeds and different age categories. There is a classification of products based on the lifestyle of the animal. Gemon dog food is quite satisfying. They can feed a pet throughout life. Moreover, the dog will actively develop. This result is achieved due to the composition of high quality. The company uses a special production technology that allows the production of rations based on fresh meat, without preservatives. The kits belong to the premium category. This feed is represented by various batches. They take into account the needs of the animal, age, lifestyle, weight, condition of the coat.

There is food with rice and chicken. It is suitable for daily meals. This is a full-fledged diet. It is developed for adult pets of decorative rocks. In addition to chicken and rice, it includes cereals, oils, minerals, vitamins - A, E, D3, fats, fish. Feed can be dipped in water or served dry. There is also food with rice and salmon. It is also designed for dogs of small breeds, adults. The composition is represented by salmon, as well as its by-products, cereals, rice. There is also a food for puppies. It can be used starting from the age of 6 months and up to a year. It is suitable for nursing and pregnant dogs. The main ingredients are rice and chicken. The diet is enriched with vitamins and minerals. Its elements are well absorbed by a young organism. Feed contributes to proper development and good growth. Also in this category is a mixture of rice and tuna.

Proceed to the next series. It's food with rice and lamb. The series is designed for breeds of medium-sized, adult age. There is also a low calorie diet, which includes turkey meat. This solution is suitable for animals with excess weight, as well as those that are prone to a set of excess weight. The manufacturer also produces moist food in the form of pastes and canned food. Almost all kinds of similar products contain rice, chicken, tuna, trout. The ratio in each individual feed is different.


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Above we have described in detail the dog food Gemon. Its composition will be given below. It includes cereal natural crops and fresh meat. According to the manufacturer, the protein and carbohydrate content in this menu is balanced. Gemon dog food is rich in vitamins and minerals. The composition includes an antioxidant keratin. There are no GMOs, synthetic preservatives and colorants.


dog food gemon composition
So we discussed Gemon food for dogs. Reviews about it are mostly positive. True, many dog ​​owners are confused by the too low price of a medium-class feed. Also, some users recommend to transfer the pet to this menu gradually.

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