When you can walk with a newborn baby - some useful tips

After discharge from the maternity hospital, one of the first questions that arise in the head of a young mother is: "When can you walk with a newborn?"

when you can walk with a newborn
You can walk with your child from the second week of hislife. Of course, the time of the first walk should be limited to 15 minutes. Each next "release" can be extended for several minutes. The length of the subsequent walks will depend on the weather, the season and, of course, the opportunities for parents to walk outside. In winter, walks take less time, since the body of the newborn does not know how to regulate the temperature. It is therefore important to choose the right clothes, avoiding overheating or overcooling.

When can I start walking with a newborn?

If the child was born in the winter, there is a probabilitythe fact that you'll have to postpone your walks and wait until it gets warmer in the street. According to the recommendations of pediatricians, the temperature is below 10 degrees with a minus sign - there is an excuse to stay at home. In winter, you can take the child to the balcony so that he gets his portion of fresh air. In summer, as mentioned above, you can walk for two weeks.

when walking with a newborn
Do I have to walk every day?

Certainly. A child, like his mother, needs fresh air. First, the walk has a positive effect on the baby's appetite, improves blood circulation, makes sleep more calm and long, and temperature changes are one of the methods of hardening. By the way, sunlight is a source of vitamin D, which prevents such an unpleasant disease as rickets.

When it comes to summer, when you can walk withnewborn almost all day, the number of walks is reduced to one or two, because their duration is very high. In winter, the total time spent on the street must be at least an hour. It is best to go out on the street several times for half an hour.

when you can start walking with a newborn
How to dress a child for a walk?

This problem worries mothers no less than the question ofwhen you can walk with a newborn. The dressing procedure is considered very heavy, as it usually takes a lot of energy and energy. First, you should dress with your mother, then dress the baby. It is very important not to allow the situation when the baby sweats, gets into such a state on the street and gets cold. Remember that overheating for a child can be more dangerous than hypothermia, so forget that you are over-feeding your child. In addition, on the street you need to constantly check if the child is sweating.

When walking with a newborn you gowinter or autumn, use the rule "+1": a newborn needs to wear one layer of clothing more than an adult. At the same time, it is impossible to supercool the head, hands and feet.

When can I start walking with a newborn for a long time?

The length of the walk depends onweather conditions and how the baby adapts to them. Think maybe it's a long time to walk at all and not necessary? This is difficult in the first place because the newborn should be constantly fed and disguised. It is better to abandon the idea of ​​walking for a long time and to break the total time spent on the street for short intervals, which will not cause any inconvenience to either mom or baby. We hope that this material helped you to find the answer to the question you are interested in when you can walk with a newborn.

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