Feed dry for puppies of large breeds: how to choose

When a puppy appears in the house, the ownersthe question: "What to feed him?" You can choose one of the options: natural food, dry or wet food. In any case, you need to pay attention to ensure that the baby was provided with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Most dog owners choose to feed dry. For puppies of large breeds, many brands are produced. Therefore it is very important to know which is better to choose.

Why is it better to feed a puppy with dry food

For the health of a dog, it is very important how she atein puppyhood. Therefore, the owner should be more attentive to what gives the baby. Previously, the feeding of puppies caused certain difficulties. 5-6 times a day you had to cook porridge, cut small meat, prepare cottage cheese and other dishes. Now it is most convenient to buy food dry. For puppies of large breeds it is also more profitable, as they eat often and a lot. And if before the cynologists did not recommend such food for the baby, now there are quality fodders containing natural meat and all components necessary for the health and normal development of the baby. Feeding a puppy with such a product is very convenient, since you just need to follow the instructions for its dosage recorded on the package.

Feed dry for puppies of large breeds

What are dry food

All food for dogs is divided into several groups. The main classification is based on cost. True, these feeds differ not only in price but also in quality. Therefore, before buying food for the puppy, it is worth exploring its features and composition. On which groups dry food is divided:

  • Economy class. The food of this group contains the least amount of meat and natural healthy ingredients, and many flavors and artificial additives. They are sold in regular grocery stores and usually are not divided by age. Therefore, puppies are not recommended to give such food. This feed "Chappi", "Baron", "Dog Chau", "Pedigri" and others.
  • Premium-class is considered a better food, although it is also inexpensive. They are "Heppy Dog", "Doctor Alders", "Brit", Bozit "and others.
  • The best dry food for puppies of large breeds -super-premium class. These are "Pro Plan", "Hills", "Eukanuba", "Bosch", "Arden Grunge". Manufacturers specifically developed a feed designed for a growing body.
    a rating of dry forage for puppies of large breeds

How to choose the right food

Many inexperienced breeders buy their puppythat food, which is advertised on TV and which is easiest to buy at a nearby store. Most often it turns out to be "Chappi" or "Pedigri". But veterinarians believe that this is an unsuitable food dry for puppies of large breeds. It does not provide the growing body with all the necessary nutrients. But how to choose the food for the baby correctly? What do you need to pay attention to?

  • Buy feed dry for puppies of large breeds you need in specialized stores.
  • Choose only those brands that haveSpecial varieties on the age and weight of the dog. Although they are more expensive, they will not need to buy additional vitamins and mineral supplements. For puppies under 5 months, feeds with the inscription "pappi" are intended, and for the older ones - "junior".
  • Take those food that belong to the class"premium" or "super-premium." It is also important to pay attention to which breed the food is intended for. After all, all dogs are characterized by metabolism and developmental features.
  • It is necessary to read the composition on the pack. The first place should be meat, preferably if it contains at least 20%. Choose those food that are not chicken, but lamb, rabbit or beef.
  • Pay attention to the rest of the components. It's better if it's rice, wheat, barley, vegetables and fruits. It is worth remembering that puppies do not tolerate preservatives, flavors and artificial additives.
    the best dry food for large breed puppies

What are the qualities of a good puppy food

Dogs of large breeds have a good appetite. But if they move little, they are prone to obesity. Therefore, it is important that the food they eat is nutritious, but not very high in calories. The amount of protein should be at least 15%, and fat - as little as possible. Therefore, the production of fodder takes lean meat: chicken, turkey, lamb, veal. It is important that food for the baby contains the optimal amount of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and carbohydrates. Often in the food for dogs of large breeds include glucosamine and chondroitin, because such animals are prone to joint diseases. To baby quickly ate, but did not overeat, food for these dogs made from large pieces.

Dry food for big puppy puppies

Rating of dry forage for puppies of large breeds

Owners of dogs need to know which producers produce the best food for dogs. According to dog breeders' recommendations and recommendations of veterinarians, it is possible to make such a feed rating:

  1. "Proplan" is considered one of the best on averageprice segment. For an acceptable price, the owners of the puppy can get him a quality and healthy food. In addition, in this line there are different feeds to the tastes, by age and weight of the dog.
  2. "Akana" is a super premium food. It contains a lot of meat, there are no artificial additives. Although this food is slightly more expensive, it provides the growing body with all the necessary substances.
  3. Dry food "Hills" for puppies of large breeds toofits good. It is a balanced food made from quality products. Food contains antioxidants, useful minerals, vitamins and fiber.
  4. Crom "Belkando" is specially created for young dogs of large breeds. It contains 21% of meat, as well as eggs, cereals and other useful additives.
  5. "Brit Qare" refers to hypoallergenic foods. It contains at least 40% of meat, special supplements to improve immunity and preserve joint health.
    Dry food for puppies of large breeds reviews

Dry food for puppies of large breeds: reviews

Many owners of dogs are unhappy with the chosen brand. They note that they bought expensive, high-quality food, and the puppy does not eat it. Unfortunately, this also happens. Therefore, at first it is recommended to buy a small package and see if this dog will fit this food. The most positive feedback about the feeds of Akan, Bosch, Royal Canin, Hills and Proplan. These are the brands that are available to any dog ​​owner and are suitable for most animals.

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