When the first signs of pregnancy appear

Young women dreaming of pregnancy willIt is interesting to know about the early signs of fertilization, which manifested itself before the delay of menstruation. As a rule, these signs are not considered reliable. In some cases, ladies who have long been dreaming about a child, unconsciously imagine themselves such signs and in everything find confirmation of their own pregnancy. But sometimes, according to these little tips, a woman knows in advance about her situation. These signs can be pronounced, and may be almost completely absent. It must be remembered that even a doctor can not accurately determine your position in the first month of pregnancy. Signs that are considered really undeniable - the stirring of the baby and his heartbeat, palpation of the fetus, appear only in later terms. With confidence, your doctor will be able to confirm your pregnancy only six weeks after conception.

However, there are many possible symptoms. When the first signs of pregnancy appear, which can be considered probable?

The most probable indication is an increase inblood hCG - a hormone, the content of which increases dramatically when pregnancy comes. Home tests will be able to detect this hormone not earlier than two weeks from the moment of conception. Probable signs include an increase in the uterus and a change in its consistency - you can tell the doctor about all this for the second-third week of pregnancy. From the second week in the future mother urination increases, coarsening and swelling of the breast, and also increases the sensitivity of the nipples. The basal temperature rises. In addition, 6-12 days after conception, the embryo is inserted into the uterus, which can cause a small bleeding, called implantation.

When the first signs of pregnancy appear,which can be attributed to the alleged? Some women develop toxicosis from the second week of pregnancy. Toxicosis is a common but not mandatory phenomenon. The woman becomes irritable, sleepy, fatigue increases. The future mother may be dizzy more often, sometimes there is nausea. The sensitivity to smells becomes more acute, taste preferences change. Some women feel pain and tingling in the lower back, swelling of the hands and shoulders. Sometimes pregnant women have problems with the intestines and lowers blood pressure. More reliable first signs of pregnancy: body temperature increases to 37.0 or 37.2 degrees, there are spasms and aching pain in the abdomen. When the first signs of pregnancy appear, called hypothetical, do not make premature conclusions. Wait for the delay in menstruation and perform a home test for HCG.

Some women feel what happenedchanges intuitively from the first days of fertilization. They do not wait for the first signs of pregnancy, but they feel the birth of a new life in their own. However, medicine knows cases of imaginary pregnancy, when women instilled all the presumptive signs and did not believe the doctor's testimony. The only reliable sign of pregnancy, indicating your position with a probability of 99% - an ordinary home test that showed a positive result. The same test that showed a negative result is considered to be correct by 90% if you did it two weeks after conception. And only the doctor will be able to confirm with confidence or refute all these assumptions. Therefore, having found on your test the coveted two strips, immediately make an appointment. The doctor will warn all possible complications, your pregnancy will go smoothly, and the long-awaited child will be born strong and healthy.

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