Proper care for a newborn baby

Proper care for the newborn is a pledgehis health in the future. While your child is completely tiny and helpless, he, like no other, needs parental care and affection. However, many mothers are overcome with fear at the sight of a little man, and they do not know what to do. Do not panic! There is nothing difficult in caring for a newborn.

care for the newborn

To begin with, you will not be left alone in the hospitalon one with the baby right after his birth. A mother is supposed to rest for several hours before she is given a child. During this time, the baby will be washed from the remains of amniotic fluid, will make the necessary vaccinations and tests. Later, experienced medical staff will teach you how to take care of the newborn in the hospital. In the first months after discharge, you will be visited by a visiting nurse. She will tell the newly-mum how to care for the newborn at home.

All newborns in the first days of lifethe umbilical remainder is retained. Independently, it disappears, as a rule, 2 to 3 days after birth. Instead, the umbilical wound remains. Approximately on 10 - 14 days she heals. Therefore, all this time it will be necessary to bend the edge of the diaper outward to exclude its contact with the umbilical remnant or wound.

care for newborn girls
Until the umbilical remainder disappears, the babies do notbathe. They are only washed away with baby soap under a stream of warm water. However, care of newborn girls is somewhat different here. They, unlike boys, are washed away from the front back (strictly from the genitals to the ass). This is done so that the bacteria contained in the stool do not enter the vagina and the urethra.

To bathe a newborn is necessary in wateracceptable temperature is 36-37 degrees. After all, whether you like the baby to swim for the first time or not, will depend on his further attitude to water procedures. So, too hot or cold water can scare him and completely repulse any desire to swim.

There is an opinion that while the umbilical wound is notIt will be prolonged, it is desirable to boil water for swimming of newborns. However, in modern medicine, opinions on this subject are divided. In any case, no matter what water you use, after every bath, the umbilical wound must be treated. To begin with, you need to drop 2-3 drops of a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and give a "pinch". After it is necessary to dry the navel with a cotton swab or a stick, and then lubricate with any antiseptic. The latter is mainly used for greenery. However, applying it, you can not see the complications that have begun: redness or bleeding. Therefore, recently, the treatment of umbilical cord has been practiced with colorless antiseptics.

care for the newborn in the hospital

Care for a newborn child includesdaily morning wash. To do this, wadded ball moistened in boiled water and rub the eyes of the baby. For each of them a separate piece of cotton wool is used. Wipe your eyes from the outer corner to the inner. In conclusion, the child's face is also rubbed the same way.

Another baby needs to clean his nose and ears daily,using cotton swabs with a stop. Cut nails to a child is recommended one month after birth. To this before, he did not scratch himself, the handles must be worn special gloves-anti-scratch.

Carrying out these simple recommendations, you will be able to arrange proper care for the newborn. The most important thing is to do everything with love and tenderness. Health to your children!

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