Electronic wristwatch - the choice of respectable men

Wrist watch - not only the subject of controltime, but also a kind of indicator of style, taste, standard of living of their owner. From the everyday things they gradually become the elements of creating the image of a person, they dictate the appropriate norms of behavior, and in general they can tell a lot about the preferences of their owner.

On the advantages of electronics

electronic wristwatch
Wristwatches come in two types - mechanical andelectronic. The first should be wound up once a day or less, depending on the mechanism of the mechanism. From time to time out of order in them go out gear, clog the working part, so you have to go to the repair shop. And there it turns out that there are no necessary details, that the "motor" has worked its time and can not be restored. The same deplorable result is if the watch "dived" from a height to something solid or hit the liquid medium. Restoring them is unlikely to be possible.

Another thing - an electronic wristwatch! You do not need to start them, just change the battery in time. And if you consider that the battery is designed for an average of a year, then at all you can not "sweat".

In addition to such a clear advantage, these mechanisms have a number of pluses:

electronic watches for men

  • shockproof. Electronic wristwatch is not afraid of falls, because their screen is made of extra strong materials, the casing is encased in special steel alloys or rubberized plastic of increased cushioning, and the "running" part is placed in such a way that neither shocks nor impacts are reflected on it;
  • water resistance. The clock is not afraid of immersion in liquids and can withstand water pressure of several tens of atmospheres;
  • excellent visibility. Electronic wrist watches are characterized by dials and a scoreboard with a high clarity of image transmission. Their owner can easily find out which hour, regardless, whether a dark night surrounds him or bright sunlight;
  • multifunctionality. The modern "alarm clock" will not only tell you the exact time of your time zone, but also the world time, according to Greenwich and any country, depending on the programmed parameters. In addition, many electronic wristwatches have a built-in compass, GPS navigator, chronometer and many other useful functions.

Types of watches

electronic watches
If you choose which watch is best purchased,preference is given to the combined version - with a quartz and electronic mechanism. As for the external design and the sphere of use, there are models of this type:

  • classic. These wristwatch electronic watches are characterized by a strict, restrained design, classically verified lines, elegant simplicity, absence of a flashy tinsel. They are great for a business suit or casual dress, they are universal in terms of style and fashion;
  • sports. They are designed for harsh operation, their main indicators are wear resistance, strength, accuracy of the data indicated. Among other parameters, such wristwatch watches are highly accurate, can have heart rate meters, heart rhythms, a thermometer and other functions necessary for athletes during training and competitions;
  • clock-minicomputer of modern type. They are necessary for people engaged in intellectual work: office and bank employees, businessmen. Fully justifying its name, these sophisticated devices contain a notebook, a calculator and even an opportunity to access the Internet.


It is clear that modern watch electronics is suitable for people with an active lifestyle, using IT-technologies, just literate and technically savvy.

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