When is the doctor's day? We'll find out!

Perhaps it is difficult to find in the world an equally respected,difficult, and at the same time necessary to each profession, as a doctor. The work of these specialists provides us all not only with health and well-being, but often with life itself. And on a professional holiday to congratulate them usually want all grateful patients.

And when is Doctor's Day celebrated all over the world?

It is celebrated every year, in the fall, in the firstMonday of October. This date was chosen by the World Health Organization. It was she who initiated the creation of a special holiday for medical workers. And first of all it is a day of solidarity of all doctors on the planet, a day of active actions to preserve the health of the population.

when the doctor's day
A doctor is one of the oldest professions on Earth. The origins of the word lead to the Old Slavic "lying." And if now this word has a negative connotation, then in the old days it meant quite another - "whispering", "talking", because even doctors were in many ways sorcerers, wizards, and only then - surgeons and herbalists. And now these people often do real miracles, pulling patients literally from the other world.

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And when the Doctor's Day was invited to celebrateEvery year, many enthusiastically supported this initiative. And first of all this holiday is aimed at drawing attention to people who carry the ideals of humanism to the world, saving lives of others. "Doctors Without Borders" were created with this lofty goal. This organization was born in 1971 with the support of UNICEF and the International Red Cross, under the auspices of the United Nations. She works on a charitable basis, exists due to voluntary contributions and public donations. Everyone understands that its assistance is extremely important, because the main patients of "Doctors without Borders" are victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts, wars, epidemics and terrorism. And these people, selflessly working in hot spots, saving the lives of millions of people, like no other show the higher mission of doctors. And it was for their celebration that the World Doctor's Day was established.

As for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, this holiday is celebrated there very differently.

When is the Doctor's Day celebrated in the above countries?

Historically, in the socialist camp, the professional holiday of medical workers was approved on the third Sunday of the first summer month - June.

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And since 1980, doctors of these countries have celebrated it on that day. And a month earlier, on the twelfth of May, the junior medical staff is honored - this is the International Day of the Nurse.

What events are held in Russia, when is the Doctor's Day coming?

In addition to internal celebrations in each hospital andpolyclinic for this date, the Ministry of Health can time special awards for outstanding employees. The doctor's day in 2013 was marked by solemn speeches of the heads of administrations, who congratulated medical workers and reported on the work done in the health sector for 2012.

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