An important holiday is World Water Day

Do you like unusual holidays? Noting them with friends and relatives (and even making it a tradition), you can learn a lot of new things, feel part of the universe and get one more reason for communication, which is known to be the greatest luxury in our world. Spring holidays in the schools of the CIS countries fall at the end of March. At this time, the active melting of the snow begins. Along the streets and forest paths running gay talkative streams, the sun seems washed and elegant ...

World Water Day
It was during this period - on March 22 - many countriesworld celebrate a wonderful holiday - World Water Day. In fact, in Russian, it is called the World Water Day. But, you see, the literal translation from the English phrase "World Day for Water" - World Water Day - sounds much more interesting, romantic, or something.

This holiday was initiated by the United Nations with rather serious goals: to draw public attention to the importance of fresh water, the condition of water bodies and the need for their protection.

Two-thirds of the surface of our blue planetThey are covered with water, but the overwhelming majority is the saline resources of the seas and oceans. Only about 2.5% falls on fresh water. And a third of them are hidden underground, and two-thirds are buried in ice-cold icebergs. It's hard to believe, but if you add the water of all the rivers, streams, lakes and marshes, it will not be more than one hundredth of a percent of the world's reserves of life-giving fresh water.

In addition, like all natural resources, thisdistributed over the Earth's territory is extremely uneven. The regions of deserts and semi-deserts account for the smallest part of the world's water supply. So, in the loved Egyptians of Egypt, according to local residents, rain occurs every 4 years. If you happen to see him in this African country, this is a happy sign.

World Water Day 2013
It is interesting that in the last century the population of ourthe planet has tripled, but the water consumption has increased 7 times! Meanwhile, today more than 2 billion people suffer from a shortage of drinking water, and by 2025, according to scientists, this amount will increase to 3.2 billion.

As you can see, the problem is extremely acute. And because the World Water Day since 1993 is celebrated in many countries of the world. Annually the holiday is dedicated to a certain aspect. So, in 1995 the theme "Water and women" was considered, in 2004, analyzed natural disasters related to water, and in 2011 reflected on the role it plays in the life of cities.

World Water Day 2013 was dedicated tointernational cooperation in this field. Indeed, the sensible people of the planet have long understood that coping with the problem can only be a joint effort. What activities are typical for the holiday of water resources? Scientific conferences, screenings of films, important documents are being accepted, exhibitions of thematic posters and drawings, class hours, excursions to profile enterprises (water canal, sewage treatment plants, etc.) are organized in schools.

day of water
In Holland, for example, in 2013 schoolchildrenwent on a hike (6 kilometers), putting in the backpack 6 liters of water. And in Britain, residents were asked to collect small items in plastic bottles. The proceeds go to charitable needs related to the existing problem.

Organize and you Water Day for your friends,relatives and children. You can come up with a lot of entertainment. Go to the pool, conduct experiments with various liquids, prepare a thematic quiz and "wet" competitions. Do not forget to remind each other about the need to save water. Much depends on each of us!

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