Redmond suitcases: photos and reviews

Today's generation is mobile and easy onclimb. Modern vehicles have reduced the travel time several times. People are happy to travel around the world. For the transport of luggage a reliable and convenient accessory is required. Redmond suitcases meet all the requirements of demanding buyers.

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The very Russian company was established in 1992. In its development and formation, experienced specialists from several countries - Hong Kong, America, Italy - took part.

Russian designers with the active support of colleaguesfrom abroad developed models of suitcases, bags and other accessories, adapted specifically for Russian buyers. At the same time, the quality of products, according to reviews, meets all European standards. Providing maximum functionality, developers do not forget about aesthetics. Perfectly matched color solutions for men's, women's and children's lines easily find their customers.

Strictest control at all stages of production,from the selection of raw materials to the packaging of the finished product, is not the whim of company executives, but the reality of life. Competition in the market does not allow to make a mistake, whether it is poor-quality leather or an uneven line on the zipper of the product.

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This has contributed to the fact that the suitcases of Redmond are in demand not only within Russia. Qualitative goods, apparently, fell to taste and European consumers.


The company offers a wide range of haberdasheryproducts of high European quality, not only suitcases, but also many other useful things. On the shelves of 140 brand stores all over Russia are sold umbrellas, gloves, cabinets and stoles, backpacks, bags, theater fancy goods, original souvenirs. The skin for the manufacture of products is carefully controlled.

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If there is no opportunity to buy a good leathermodel, it does not matter. The so-called mass market offers a variety of bags, backpacks, haberdashery, suitcases. An inexpensive option, as consumers say, for things are made of artificial materials, but the quality is quite decent.


Production is established in Europe and Asia. Increased strength is achieved through the use of metal parts in the design. Zippers are wide and reliable. They are installed code locks. There are several types of such products:

  • Lock built-in with key. The oldest version, still Soviet times. It is built in the case of a suitcase. A quality lock is reliable, but it significantly increases the price of the product.
  • Built-in combination lock - the most budgetary and common typelocking device. Latch, equipped with three (less than four) wheels with numbers, fixes the slots for lightning runners. Reliability, as the comments of consumers show, is small. It is put mainly on budget models.
  • Padlocks - can be code or provided with a key. As a rule, they are hung on runners of lightning. The hinged lock of the Redmond suitcase is included in the kit. Feedback satisfied owners of such products say that they are reliable, you can open them only with the help of powerful clippers.

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For reliability and own peace of mind at the airport, it is better to wrap your suitcase (expensive and not very) with a special polyethylene film. Such a service is inexpensive and will perfectly protect baggage from dirt.

Travel bags and other similar products companiesare available in different configurations. A suitcase on Redmond wheels can be made in such variants: on four or on two wheels. The first recently, according to reviews, is in great demand - it is easier and more convenient to move.

To the merits of a suitcase can be attributed andoriginal ideas of designers. The model can please with convenient additional hidden pockets and the possibility to increase the volume by 5 cm (due to the double bottom).

As you know, any product in the processoperation breaks down. In this case, it is thrown away, or, if the thing is good, they are repaired. Redmond suitcase can be fixed in specialized service centers or repair shops. They offer a whole range of services:

  • repair or replacement of lightning;
  • strengthening or complete replacement of wheels;
  • unlocking locks;
  • full or partial replacement of accessories;
  • any repair of the bottom, shell, lining;
  • dry cleaning of the product.


There are several criteria that allow the company to work in the consumer markets and confidently hold the leading positions.

First of all, special attention is always paid toquality of the material. Redmond suitcases can be made both from natural leather, and from artificial fabrics. Modern textile industry is able to provide producers with high quality material: wear-resistant, dirt-repellent, waterproof.

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Secondly, a large selection of models. As the reviews say, Redmond's suitcases are made in different colors. Pleases the consumer and the fact that the range is constantly updated. Every spring and autumn the company offers its customers new, more perfect and comfortable models. All modern fashion trends are taken into account, but convenience and practicality remain in the first place.

Third, loyal price policy. People assure that these suitcases are inexpensive, given that a branded item is being purchased, moreover, not for one season, but also in a specialized store, and not somewhere in the market. Conducting numerous actions and providing discounts on the goods contribute to the active promotion of the brand not only in the Russian market, but also in the countries of the near abroad.

Large suitcase

These models include the following products:

1. External parameters:

  • size - 70 x 45 x 27 cm:
  • equipped with a telescopic handle;
  • four wheels;
  • material - fabric;
  • product weight - 4.9 kg:
  • lock - hinged code in the kit.
    redmond suitcase repair

2. Features inside:

  • the presence of pressure belts - will help keep clothes in perfect condition;
  • mesh big zip pocket - perfect for laptop or documents.

3. Features outside:

  • The fabric is a heavy-duty material;
  • the wheels rotate 360 ​​degrees0;
  • The handle is fixed in three different positions, it can be freely fixed to the case or a small bag;
  • rubberized legs - give the suitcase more stability;
  • two overhead pockets with zippers add a place for luggage.

As the reviews show, this is an excellent option for people traveling on a long trip or vacation.

Medium suitcase

These products measuring 60 x 40 x 25 cm and weighing 3.9 kg, as the manufacturer claims, have all the advantages of large models. The handle can be locked in two positions.

Judging by the reviews, this is the most popular sizesuitcase. People say that with impressive capacity it is not as heavy as large. And if you can not roll your luggage (bad road, numerous stairs), this nuance is important.

Small suitcase

It features compact dimensions (55 x 37 x 22cm) and light weight (only 4 kg). The handle has two positions, it is long enough to fix a bag or case on it. In addition, one of the side pockets is detachable. A padlock is also provided for such "kids". As evidenced by the reviews, the model is not inferior in functionality to its "older brothers". Great for business trips and short trips.

Hand luggage belong to this category. Basically, these suitcases are acquired by people who are forced to make frequent flights. The size of the suitcase is 45 x 35 x 20 cm. They are made of plastic. The models are equipped with a telescopic handle, four wheels made of aeronautical durable plastic with a 360-degree turn0. On the front side there is a nice company logo.

a suitcase on redmond wheels

Statistics of numerous outlets andInternet sales confirm that most Russians choose the suitcase Redmond. Customers' reviews mark the reliability and functionality of products. An important factor is the ideal price-quality ratio. The creative approach of designers to the development of models and choice of color solutions guarantees a steady demand for the products of the company Redmond.

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