A stroller cane for travel and not only

Easy, maneuverable and comfortable stroller-travel cane - an excellent assistant on excursions, walking, while traveling by car, by public transport or during a visit to the supermarket.

stroller cane for travel
After returning home, she will also be able to help outyou in many situations in everyday life. Its name is a stroller-travel cane, thanks to the ability to easily fold, acquiring the appearance of this supporting accessory. This greatly simplifies its operation.

Choosing which stroller travel can be suitable for your child is best, the following conditions must be taken into account:

  • Weight should vary from three and a half toseven kilograms. It is necessary to choose something average. Very light strollers are not stable enough. And the quality of metal parts used in them, can cause doubt. And heavy - are inconvenient in circulation. It is quite uncomfortable to carry such a stroller with you, especially if you can carry it on your shoulder.
  • Ideally, when the wheelchair has the ability to expand and take several positions, including horizontal.
    stroller cane easy for travel
    If the walk is prolonged, the child will feel comfortable in it. And it is important that the body is hard enough so that the baby's back does not get tired.
  • lightweight stroller-walking sticks for traveling oftenhave a fairly spacious shopping cart. Going for a walk, you can add up some things or bring additional food or household items from the store. But do not forget that the basket adds weight to the stroller. Therefore, sometimes you have to choose between the convenience of moving the entire device and additional features.
  • Many stroller sticks have leg clutches. It is convenient in the cool season and for long walks, when a child sleeps in it. If you purchased a model without a coupling, it can be selected separately.
  • The stroller-travel cane must be mobile and have a very simple collapsible mechanism. And it should equally well fold and unfold with one hand.
  • Convenient when the stroller has a soft bumper and a visor that protects against rain and sun.

lightweight strollers for walking

  • Another difference in the models of different manufacturers- they can be three-wheeled and four-wheeled. In favor of tricycles, one can note their greater maneuverability. But if the front wheels of the four-wheel model rotate around their axis, they will not yield to their three-wheeled counterparts in maneuverability, but stability and reliability will give a head start.
  • The stroller is easy to travel. But for this, it must be made of durable material. The operation of such a stroller involves multiple folding and unfolding, as well as transportation in a trunk with suitcases and bags, staying in the cargo compartment of an airplane or a train. In general, she must stand firm all the loads and serve her time without breaking prematurely.

Carriages-walking cane will become youA reliable companion and an assistant on walks with your child. It will greatly facilitate the tasks of parents. Its lightness, maneuverability and compactness make it possible to take it anywhere and transport it to any distance.

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