What should be the care of the newborn on the first day

care for the newborn on the first day

The child is born defenseless and still completelynothing is able. However, this is not terrible, because he has a mother who will take care of everything. Although often, even parents do not know how to properly care for the baby in the early days of his life.

About the hospital

Every woman should understand a simple truth: about how to care for the newborn on the first day, she will be told by midwives and other personnel who are obliged to take care of the woman and baby. However, beforehand, the expectant mother should take with her to the maternity ward everything she needs and a crumb.


Care for the newborn on the first day ispurification of his body from everything that remained after childbirth. As a rule, this happens in the delivery room thanks to the efforts of the medical staff. Baby will not have a bath yet, but they will wipe out with a wet towel to rid the skin of blood and mucus. If childbirth is a partner, this may involve a young dad. However, my mother will not make such manipulations until now. After giving birth for several hours, she should be in a calm position in order to avoid complications.

care of the baby's navel

Skin care

Care for the newborn on the first day involvesa special relationship to its skin and mucous membranes. So, during pregnancy the baby was always in a liquid, he was used to such an environment. That is why, within a few weeks after birth, the baby is adapted to the world around, and special attention is required for its integuments, which will seem to my mother very dry. It will be necessary to moisturize them with the help of baby oil. Also, you need to carefully monitor whether there is a diaper diaper. If there is, it is necessary to get rid of them. It is also important to handle all the folds of the baby every day - to clean them, if they are contaminated, to lubricate with oil. Care for the newborn on the first day also involves a thorough examination by the mother of all the mucous membranes of the baby. Often the baby should wash the sour eyes. It is also important to carefully clean the ears, make sure that the spout is not clogged.


As in the first day, so on, until the wound is notwill heal, a very special care for the navel of the newborn is very important. At this time, it is necessary to rinse this place with hydrogen peroxide twice a day, lubricate with iodine or zelenka, to prevent infection there. During this period it is not recommended to bathe the baby, you can only wipe it with a warm wet towel. If you want to dip a crumb into the water, it should only be boiled liquid, cooled to a certain temperature.

care for a newborn at home


In the first days after the birth of the baby,it is necessary to dress warmly, despite how many degrees outside the window. After all, the baby was in the environment where the temperature was about 36.6 degrees during the 9 months of pregnancy. Therefore, at first the baby will be quite cold. It should be warmly dressed, wrapped in blankets. Gradually, it will become unnecessary, but here about the first couple of weeks the baby should be provided with additional heat.

At home

After discharge from the maternity home, mothers should alsotalk about how to care for the newborn at home. It will not include something supernatural. The crumb will need to bathe, dress, still handle the skin and mucous membranes. After a while, walks in the fresh air will be important. That's practically all that mother needs to know.

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