What do chinchillas eat?

Lovely furry balls are gaining more and morepopularity among fans of livestock, almost all pet stores and markets offer amazing, affectionate animals. If a cage, bedding and a bathing suit help to choose a seller, then remember that eating chinchillas is quite difficult. Pets with the softest skin, because of which they are everywhere destroyed

that eat chinchillas
stings, until they learned how to breed in captivity, veryquickly become tame. Many owners make a mistake and allow the animal to run around the apartment freely, and this can lead to spoilage of wires and furniture or ruin a careless fidget.

Proper care for chinchillas

For one individual, a cell withdimensions of at least 100h50h50 cm. It is imperative that future housing be equipped with special stairs or tunnels. The diameter of such passages should be about 10 cm for free movement of the movable chinchilla. In nature, these animals often take a bath of volcanic dust, which allows them to fight skin parasites and maintain the coat in perfect condition. Accordingly, in an artificial enclosure, a special place for "bathing" procedures will also be required. Sand for bathing can be bought in any store, there you should choose a bath - a capacity where the chinchilla can freely "dive" into the ash and do not scatter the contents of the cage and room. Ideal filler for the bath is considered zeolite - a useful for the skin crushed mineral. Food for chinchillas, as well as sawdust for litter, you can buy, but you can try to procure everything you need yourself. If you do not provide the animal with a reliable "carpet" in the cage, it can break its paws on the metal bars of the cage.

Feed and drink shaggy balls

fodder for chinchillas

What is eating chinchillas is an important issue, most importantly,remember that animals must eat regularly. That is why they are always fed at the same time every day. The maximum deviation from the norm can be 1-2 hours, otherwise the animal becomes anxious and aggressive. However, do not put food in reserve: all the remaining products still have to be thrown away and replaced with fresh ones. You can use a variety of dry food, which are selected individually, according to the tastes of a particular animal. It is worth noting that most chinchillas are reluctant to eat shop mixes. Daily feeding with fresh hay will be mandatory, it should always be in the cage of the animal.

As a drink is used fresh and alwaysfresh water, which will have to be changed in a drink every day no matter how much a fluffy animal managed to drink. Answering the question about what the chinchillas eat, you can safely say that almost everything. Therefore, it is worth choosing accessories and accessories for a pet made of glass or metal. Since chinchillas can not be fed at all with food intended for humans, the breeding specialists named several natural treats of these rodents. Pets can be eaten

chinchilla care
knife treat with quality raisins or nuts, for example, almonds. Most pet stores offer specialized treats designed specifically for chinchillas.

Obligatory diet of a healthy individual shouldinclude a small amount of fresh hay and 8-15 g of a grain mix, which includes oats, barley, corn, traditional wheat. What do chinchillas eat in the summer? In the hot season, you can add fresh, collected in a clean place, dandelion, legumes or young grains. In winter, carrots are necessarily offered. Also in the diet should be twigs of fruit trees, a little cooking salt for licking and chalk. For grinding constantly growing teeth, use birch wood with bark.

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