What constitutes a frozen pregnancy, the reasons for its development

Pregnancy in a woman's life is the mostjoyful and, at the same time, very responsible period, at which time she begins to plan a family life with a new member of her, who should soon be born. However, in some cases, the family can not see the long-awaited child due to the fact that there is a dead pregnancy, the causes of which are quite diverse.

Frozen pregnancy (ST) is acessation of development and death of the fetus, most often in the first trimester of pregnancy. Approximately 15% of women hear this diagnosis, usually it happens after an ultrasound, which indicates the stopping of the fetal heartbeat. An empty fetal egg can also be observed - this is a consequence of the fact that the fetus did not develop initially. Usually, after a short period of time, spontaneous miscarriage occurs, in other cases, cleaning is necessary.

Unfortunately, many women do not notice a stopdevelopment of the future child, because they have all the signs of pregnancy: an increase in the mammary glands, an increase in the uterus, the termination of the menstrual cycle, and so on.

Considering the question of whyfrozen pregnancy, it should be noted that the causes of this phenomenon are not fully understood. However, there are some factors that contribute to the arrest of fetal development. They include:

  1. Genetic abnormalities, which are the most common cause of miscarriage. This is due to inconsistent with life abnormalities arising from an incorrect combination of genes.
  2. Disorders of the hormonal background: most often in the body of a pregnant woman there is not enough progesterone or the level of androgens is increased.
  3. Presence of infections in the body. When a woman's organism is infected, the risk of infection of the fetus increases, which can lead to a halt in its development or death. Especially dangerous are chlamydia, rubella, ureplazmoz and cytomegalovirus.
  4. Conception after IVF. So, the frozen pregnancy after the eco is observed quite often and is due to some features of this method.
  5. Wrong way of life. This includes frequent stress, depression, smoking, drug and alcohol use.
  6. Age over forty years. Due to age-related changes in the woman's body, there is often a lag in the development of the fetus or its death.

In any case, the frozen pregnancy causeshas different, more often it is due to a combination of random unsuccessful circumstances. In order for pregnancy to flow well, you need a positive attitude and a positive environment.

In frequent cases, fetal fadingalone fails. With spontaneous abortion, bleeding or small discharge of blood occurs within a few days. When a miscarriage does not occur, a specialist should be examined to confirm or establish an accurate diagnosis. So, the frozen pregnancy, the causes of which are described above, is diagnosed with the help of ultrasound and a blood test. However, there are some symptoms that may indicate the termination of fetal development. This includes poor health, increased body temperature, pain in the abdomen, stopping the movements of the baby's future. If any of these symptoms appear, consult a doctor.

Thus, the frozen pregnancy causeshas various, and all of them for today are not studied properly. It is only known that it is necessary to adhere to proper nutrition and lifestyle, exclude the use of harmful substances, create the most favorable environment for the course of pregnancy.

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