Create a corner of nature in the kindergarten with your own hands

Using the corners of nature in kindergartens, childrendevelop more harmoniously. Acquaintance with them enables the child to know different plants. According to the sanitary rules, the presence of piercing and poisonous plants in groups is not allowed. They must be safe. On pots with flowers it is desirable to indicate the names of the flowers. The nook of nature in the group must be created taking into account the age of the kids.

a corner of nature in a kindergarten

Constant components

In the corner of nature in the younger group usually consists of 4-5 simple houseplants. Among them may be geranium, primrose, ficus, koleus, balsam. Plants should have bright colors and leaves.

In the middle group, the number of plants is desirablebring up to 6 units. To the above, you can add chlorophytum, asparagus or agave. Plants in the green corner of the middle group can be diverse in appearance. Children can be trusted to water them with water, but no more. Transplantation should be carried out by educators, babies are allowed only to look.

In the green corner of nature in the older group cancan be up to eight plants. There can be both curly and non-flowering flowers. They can be located at different heights on the stands. Children will be happy to pay attention to this corner of nature in kindergarten. They can look after him with their own hands. Kids can be instructed to draw simple lines on pots. Flowers can also be: ivy, Tradescantia, amaryllis and others.

nook of nature in a group

In the preparatory group, children can be offered plants with different kinds of reproduction, for example, cyperus, saxifrage, bryophyllum.

Temporary elements

By the time components of the corner can be attributedseasonal pictures. In autumn it is a landscape with yellow leaves, in the summer a picture with the sun and grass. In the winter - boxes with green onions, dill. In spring - a herbarium of early flowers.

In addition, you can put a dry aquarium ina corner of nature in kindergarten. It's very simple to equip it with your own hands. For this we take the aquarium. We fill with stones and artificial algae. To the bottom we place a toy in the form of a crab, a turtle. On the back wall, you need to attach 3D pictures with fish. The aquarium is ready.

nook of nature in the younger group

Weather Calendar

In any group of kindergartens, it is desirable to have a weather calendar. Children will be able to celebrate clear and cloudy days, which will contribute to the development of children's attention and ability to observe.

In the younger group, you need to hang the currentseason. And in the middle group a corner of nature in the kindergarten, created by its own hands, will serve as an excellent applied tool. So, for example, children after the walk will mark the weather condition for each day by the arrow. The guys of the senior and preparatory groups at the end of the month can count the number of cloudy, rainy and clear days. Thus, they will be able to analyze, for example, in what month there were more clear, cloudy or windy days.

A nook of nature in the kindergarten, created and equipped with its own hands, is a wonderful guide that helps to educate children in their care, thrift and responsibility.

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