Matins in kindergarten are not just for children.

The program of education in kindergartenprovides for mandatory holding of matinees, timed to calendar holidays, as well as thematic. For example, autumn morning performances in a kindergarten dedicated to harvesting, and not only. Winter holidays are dedicated - Shrove Tuesday, winter wires, and others. Matins in the kindergarten are a test of the knowledge and skills of children, as well as a holiday that they are waiting for. Children are preparing for them with all seriousness.

Matins in the kindergarten are held according to the script,who composes the musical leader along with the methodologist and educators, for each age group. The scenario provides for mandatory software content, taking into account the knowledge received by children. Matins in the kindergarten acquaint children with different spheres of our life,develop speech, thinking. They bring up moral and moral qualities, increase the self-esteem of the child. In preparation for the festive event includes learning songs, poems, dancing and making costumes.

Matins in the kindergarten are also largeload for children, both physical and moral. Moral load is a sense of responsibility for the task, the desire to perform the task, as best as possible. Physical - takes a lot of time and puts in conditions in which the child was not previously.

Participation of parents in preparationsuch an event. This is the memorization of poetry and songs, and the production of costumes, decorations and paraphernalia for the holiday. A matinee in a kindergarten can be a good educational aspect for parents. With his help to really tighten the behavior of the baby, bring up a sense of responsibility and commitment. Parents in no way should show their negative attitude in the preparation for the morning performance, as this may disrupt the psychological relationship with the child who wants to show to their loved ones what he has learned and generally rejoice with his mom and dad with their successes.

Matins in the kindergarten suggest some rules for a successful meeting.

  1. Do not be late for a matinee, because the child is waiting for you and worries if he does not see you.
  2. On the matinee, you can not be in outer clothing. At itself it is necessary to have replaceable footwear.
  3. Conversations between parents during the holiday are unacceptable.

Spectators on matinees, as a rule, parents. After all, no one is so sick for his baby, like mom and dad. This is for them the children show what they have learned, and rejoice with them. After all, such events, this is not only a holiday for children, it is also happiness for parents.

A special event is a graduation party inkindergarten. It suits him very seriously. This is the report of the pedagogical collective about the work done, during the child's stay in the kindergarten. What did the kid learn, how skillful and adroit he became, and most importantly, that of a little that knows the karapuza, he has become both a clever and an artist. The child enters a new phase of his life, acquires social significance, becoming not a preschool child, but a schoolboy. All parents of the group are involved in this event, who, understanding the importance of such an event, should in every way help the educators prepare the graduation matinee.

A scenario is specially developed in whichtake into account the knowledge and skills of children, their artistry. Festively decorated not only the hall where the holiday will be held, but, as a rule, the whole kindergarten, because such a serious and joyful event, the children pass for the first time and teachers and parents want them to remember it for a long time. Of course, and the outfits are very important, both for the little princesses and for the gentlemen. And how every component of any holiday is a sweet table, a treat for children.

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