Razor "Vest": varieties and their description

Every member of the stronger sexhis appearance and uses the means for shaving. In this article we will talk about men's machines. The razor "Vest" has many varieties. Of these, each person can choose for themselves what suits him. Consider what a razor "Vest" can be. Also we will tell, than machines differ and what have advantages.

Razor "Vest": types

To begin with it is necessary to say that the manufacturerproduces products for men and women. All products differ from each other and have excellent quality. So, on the shelves of shops you can see the following names of goods:

  • the machine "Vest of Venus" (female model of razor);
  • razor "Vest Mack 3";
  • the machine "Vest of Sirius";
  • razor "Fusion".

We learn what the above mentioned models differ.

razor vest

Shaving machine "Vest Mak 3"

Men's razors have different number of blades. So, this model is characterized by a floating head with three blades. It is thanks to their number that the model got its name.

The razor "Vest Mack 3" gently slides over the skin of the face. Sharp blades shave out the protruding hairs of any stiffness, leaving the skin tender and undamaged. There are two versions of this model: the classic machine "Mac 3" and the razor "Mac 3 Sensetiv."

Both models have a moisturizing band, whichsoftens the skin when shaving. The machine "Mak 3 Sensetiv" differs from the usual one in that it has impregnation from aloe. She thinly lubricates the smoothly shaven skin, removing irritation and redness. That is why such a razor is suitable for men whose face is prone to rashes and burning after shaving.

After the blades are blunted, you can change the cassette and continue a comfortable shave. Released replacement blocks of 2, 4 and 8 pieces in a package.

Razor "Vest Fusion"

Such a male tool has a floating head withfive blades. The razor gently slides over the skin, repeating all the bends. The finest sharp blades shave even hard-to-reach and hard hairs. Due to the fact that the razor has a large number of blades, you no longer have to make repeated movements and injure the delicate skin. It is enough to hold the machine by the face once, as all the hairs will be shaved.

This model has two subspecies: classic machine "Vest Fusion" and "Vest Fusion Power." They differ in that the latter model has a built-in battery. Due to vibration, the razor lifts hard-to-reach and short hairs. This is what gives you a comfortable shave.

For different razors it is necessary to purchase separate replaceable nozzles. The manufacturer offers you to buy 2, 4 and 8 pieces respectively.

Machine for men "Vest of Sirius"

This model appeared a little earlier than the above. It has two blades and a moisturizing strip.

razor vest poppy 3

It should be noted that such a machine does not have a floating head. It is with him that you can fully control your movements and direct the razor to where you need it.

This model of the machine has three varietiesreplaceable cassettes. Some do not have a moisturizing band and are designed for men whose skin is prone to allergies. Others have a classic moisturizing band to soften the skin during shaving. Still others have a strip of aloe. She struggles with irritation and red face.

Women's machines "Vest Venus"

The manufacturer offers to purchase a separatemodel for the fair sex. The razor has a floating head and a comfortable handle that does not slip even in wet fingers. There are several varieties of a female razor.

razor waistcoat fusion

The classic "Venus" was released the very first. This machine has three blades and a moisturizing strip, which allows you to slide gently over the skin and repeat its bends.

The razor "Venus Embrace" has five blades thatprovide the most comfortable removal of unnecessary hairs even in intimate areas. Also, the machine has a floating head, which smoothly repeats the bends of the female body and removes even hard-to-reach hairs.

The machine "Venus Breeze" is created by the type of classicalshaver. It also has three blades and a floating head. In addition, the razor has two gel pads. They moisturize the skin before and after shaving. Thanks to this, a woman can boast a smooth skin without irritation and burning.

All attachments are replaceable. It is worth noting that you can buy one machine and put on it a cassette with any other razor from the "Vest Venus". Replaceable blocks are issued on 2, 4, and also 8 pieces.

Disposable machines

The razor "Vest" can be disposable. Such models are produced for women and men. All machines have a moisturizing strip, which removes irritation and redness.

shavings for men

Products are produced at 2, 4, 5, 8 and 10 pieces in packages.


Now you know what razors are formen and women. Choose what you like best. Get the machines "Vest" and get rid of unnecessary hairs with comfort for you and your body!

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