Hanlon's razor - a tool for cutting off cunning from stupidity

Razor, blade, blade have been considereda symbol of the sharpness of the mind. Stupidity is often called stupidity and associates it with a wooden deck or other objects that are unable to dissect all sorts of complex matter in one fell swoop. Penetration into the very essence of the problem, its "surgical" understanding and the subsequent cure is the true calling of both the scalpel and the intellect.

Hanlon's razor

Hearing the expression "Hanlon's Razor", manthe uninitiated may think that we are talking about some special design of the device, designed to remove bristles from the surface of the face. Far from it, this phrase means not some material object. This is the name of the statement of the famous American writer Robert Anson Heilain, which became famous due to the second part of the book about the laws of Murphy published in 1980. In English, its essence lies in the call not to seek sophisticated insidiousness and cunning, where there is only stupidity. So the narrative will not go about how to shave with a razor ...

Why a razor? And why Hanlon? Let's start from the end.Henlon - in fact, the same Highline, only the transcription is different. The author of many short stories and novels had nothing against calling him that, it's still difficult to confuse, he is too famous. Together with Asimov and Clark, Hayline is among the "big three" of the best American science fiction writers.

razor blade

Now about why the winged expression is giventhe name "Hanlon's razor". The exact interpretation of this phrase during the life of its author was not given. Perhaps this is good, a certain mystery has always been considered an indispensable attribute of a writer, especially a science fiction writer. In addition, the lack of explanations gives freedom for independent reflection and approval, and this is also a creative process.

The most likely version is,according to which the razor Hanlon should be ready for every reasonable person, as they say, "in your pocket." This is in case of an unusual situation, when it is unclear whether some kind of florid attack has been committed against it, which leads to unpleasant consequences, or the incident is the fruit of someone's stupidity, which, as is known, unlike reason, there are no limits.

how to shave a razor

The Eastern wise man once remarked that the trickreplaces fools with the mind, and with weak strength. Hanlon's razor cuts off all of their weapons, with which they try, and often with some success, to confront the community of intelligent people, but often disunited, and sometimes alas, helpless against perfidy, even the most stupid and primitive.

However, the very idea of ​​denying the existence of a conspiracy andexplaining the failure of simple incompetence was known even before Heilain, he simply formulated it in an understandable and modern language. Napoleon Bonaparte sometimes had to restrain some of his generals, who saw the causes of military embarrassment in espionage and treason, while they consisted of their own mistakes. And in the Soviet Union for a long time it was accepted, on the contrary, to assume malice from those who said something wrong or did. By stupidity ...

The modern Russian writer Pelevin also gave his version of Hanlon's razor, in which he claims that it is not secret lodges, but an obvious crap ruling the world.

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