The riddle about the phone: remembering stationary and recognizing mobile

This household item is, perhaps, the mostpopular for today. It's hard to imagine an adult who does not have a phone. It is used for communication by all living people. And if you remember about the stationary in the shadow, then every person is required at least once a day, but he will see this device. Therefore, the mystery about the phone is becoming more popular among adults and children. And sometimes it's not so important, about what: stationary or mobile.

Riddles about phones

First, it is worthwhile to talk in general about this wonderful apparatus. Puzzling riddles about the phone for children, it is worth emphasizing its main purpose:

riddle about the phone

  1. "Though it has no language and exists without ears, but speaks from afar and hears everything to the smallest detail."
  2. "A friend has gone far, but you had to stay, but suddenly a bell rang and you can just talk."

Riddles about the fixed phone

This is the elder brother of the one who is today inbag or pocket. The riddle about the phone, which stands on the shelf, table or bedside table and can not be taken out of the building, can confound modern children. However, it has the right to exist.

  1. "The tube, cord and ten numbers you are ready to serve the century." In that connection, their meaning, so that people can communicate. "
  2. "There used to be a magic disk, and now there are buttons in a row, you can manage without the cord, if only people could talk to him."

puzzles about the phone for children

But a few sad riddle about the phone,which is becoming increasingly unnecessary: ​​"He has become old, although he can work." Now everyone began to avoid it, and even those who are bored with a sinew, the model was chosen more recently, because the other, bolder and more elegant, he can sing and something, and the old one began to get dusty asleep, he has nothing more to say, he will never be able to zoom in and save the photo for memory. "He had only to disappear in the stream of so ringing silence."

Riddles about the mobile phone

It's so popular today. The riddle about the phone, working independently of the wires, is becoming more and more in demand:

  1. "There are buttons, but not a button accordion, although the songs play ringing, I talk a lot in it, and they will answer me loudly, in it the connection goes in two directions, because it's not like a walkie-talkie." And half the information flies by half the country. "
  2. "He's not an alarm clock, but he'll wake him up in time." Not a radio, but he'll sing cheerfully, and he'll send information on the Internet. "And sms-ku, if necessary, will send him away."
  3. "My friend lives in my pocket. He always helps me. If it becomes boring to me, sing or play the game. He will help me in trouble, will allow me to call where, and he will give the chance to share all the friends and acquaintances with him. "
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