"Antigadin for cats," or how to wean your pet to shit anywhere

Lovers of pets, especially cats,quite often they meet with the problem of their accustoming them to the toilet, as well as the weaning of already adult animals from leaving marks on the territory. To perform such functions there is a special tool called "Antigadin for cats".

antigadin for cats

To begin with, let's understand that in general thissuch. "Antigadin for cats" is a liquid remedy, the main purpose of which is to disaccustom a pet to defecate in unnecessary places. It is sold in bottles or in the form of a spray. The composition contains special substances that produce an unpleasant smell for the cat and thereby scare it away.

The most important thing is to choose a qualityA tool that really helps to wean a pet from a pernicious habit. First of all, when choosing a tool, you need to study for each "Antigadin" you are considering reviews of those who managed to successfully cope with a similar situation - your friends, neighbors. This should be done for one simple reason: the possibility of buying an inefficient or ineffective remedy is thus excluded. Also it is necessary to familiarize with contra-indications and collateral actions which the agent can render on associates.

antigadin reviews
If the instrument is purchased, then you can start an activefight for cleanliness in the house. No special techniques and tools for using such a tool as "Antigadin for cats" are required. First you need to find the place where the pet started to go to the toilet. This area should be well washed with a damp cloth to remove the sheer smell of urine. Next, you should treat the cleaned piece of floor with the purchased product. That's the whole procedure. The next time you visit this territory, the animal will face an unpleasant smell.

Often there is a question on how to make"Antigadin" with their own hands. You do not need to invent anything, because practically in any hardware store you can find well-known chlorine. Just as with the use of special liquids purchased at a pet store, it is necessary to wash the place where the cat went about its business from the very beginning. Next, wipe this area with a cloth with bleach. The effect will be the same as when using "Antigadin" from the pet store, that is, the cat will face an unpleasant odor and will be forced to leave this place. But, having bought bleach, you will save money.

antigadin by one's own hands
If the pet goes to the toilet inthe wrong place, then "Antigadin for cats" is a good tool that will help him wean from this habit. But do not think that a simple treatment with a tool will help solve the problem. This is not quite true. After all, the animal can find another secluded nook and everything will begin anew. It is necessary to follow the pet, and if he again begins to look for a place, refer it to the tray. It often happens that cats do not like the filler, which the hosts pour into their toilet. Therefore, you can try to replace it with another one - for example, sand on chipboard or vice versa.

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