Developmental circle work in kindergarten

An integral part of the upbringing of children andthe formation of each small person is a circle work in the kindergarten. Thanks to her, the children learn new branches of art, the basics of science, the principles of needlework and crafts. Modern DOW offers different courses, additional subjects, cognitive lessons for all students. Therefore, the main thing is to choose which circle work in the kindergarten is suitable for your child: cross-stitch, drawing, singing, dancing or foreign language courses.

club work in kindergarten

It should be noted that such developingprograms can be conducted both by the tutors themselves of the group, and by invited teachers. In the first case, children are often offered to learn simple art forms, among which we select drawing, application, modeling of plasticine, construction of paper and so on. Such a circle work in the kindergarten can depend on the current season, which at times increases its effectiveness. For example, in the fall, children can be offered to collect fallen leaves in the garden. Then they learn that they need to be put between pages of books, so that they dry up, but at the same time they retain their shape. The result obtained becomes the basis of the autumn application. From the leaves you can make a beautiful landscape on paper or decorate them with furniture in decoupage technique. Such knowledge will develop in every kid a design beginning.

clubwork in the garden

Every girl has a circle job in kindergartenshould acquaint with the features of the fabric, with the technique of embroidery and sewing. Initially, on the courses of small needlewomen they are taught to make a normal stitch with a thread. The sewn line must be flat, and the stitches must have the same length. Then, as a rule, teachers talk about the technique of performing more complex stitches such as "stalk", "back needle" and so on. Girls are taught to embroider a cross, using a multicolored thread. As a result, beautiful patterns are obtained.

The principles of sewing are known through the manufacture of softtoys. It can be a cotton New Year ball, shrouded in colored material, a chicken or a bun. Children get acquainted with the principle of the production of toys - tighten the fabric and fill it with cotton wool or sintepon.

mug work in the garden

Any group work in the garden should includethemselves lessons of reading and discussing fairy tales and bylina. On such folk literature, children learn to know the world, to understand what is good and evil, to choose their side in this life. It is important that the teacher, after reading the story, asked all the kids if they understand the meaning of the work. Children should have specific images about any fairy tale in their heads. Of course, every kid should also read the printed lines. Therefore, it is desirable that the teacher invited each group to read aloud one paragraph. So, the child improves not only in reading letters and syllables, but also learns the basics of oratory, overcome fear of speaking before the public.

There is also a more in-depth circle work inchildren. garden. It includes, as a rule, the study of foreign languages, dancing, training in the gym and much more. Choose what suits your child, which will make him better and happier.

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