List of things for the newborn: the minimum of what is necessary to prepare

There is such a superstition that buying childrenthings for newborns are not recommended in advance. But, despite this, many modern parents, first of all, future mothers and grandmothers begin these preparations long before delivery. And their behavior may well be justified, because when a crumb is born, it becomes easy for them to run to various stores in search of the things necessary for the baby. In addition, a certain list of things for a newborn must necessarily be made and before it is sent to the hospital.

Baby things for kids, includingnewborns, have their own huge world. They can be found in many small and large online children's stores. Usually the more experienced girlfriends and diligent relatives even in the future begin to give their advice on what to buy. And often from such an abundance of recommendations, expectant moms begin to "run their eyes out" and start to think that before they start buying things for the future child, you first have to prepare several cabinets. But in fact, many purchases in the list of things for the newborn are not included, they are only a pleasant and eye-pleasing addition.

In order for future mothers to be well prepared for the appearance of the baby and not to buy a lot of unnecessary, they will be useful to know the list of things for the newborn, suggested by pediatricians.

Necessary for a newborn in the maternity home:

In the first hours of life after the birth ofYour child will already need some of the things. Under the existing rules, many of them must be provided by the maternity home. But those who do not count on such help, begin to prepare a dowry for their crumbs in advance. So, for the duration of stay in the walls of the hospital, the baby will need:

- disposable diapers;

- 5 pieces of diaper;

- disposable diapers;

- Wadded sticks - will be needed to process the navel to the baby;

- a special first-aid kit for a newborn, which is available in many pharmacies;

- a cream for children.

You should also talk separately about clothes forwho just gave birth to crumbs. Children's clothing should be bought in accordance with the time of year. In all maternity hospitals, as a rule, the chambers are maintained at a quite comfortable temperature. But, despite this, the parents of the baby should take care of buying warm clothes even in the summer season.

The summer list of things for a newborn includes: a pair of flannel ruffles and warm sliders. These things should be cotton and light. In the spring, as well as in the autumn, you need to supplement the list with light and warmed sliders and ryazhonkami. If your child is born in winter, then you need to stock up on flannel, fleece and wool garments for a crumb. Also in the wardrobe of the baby (regardless of the time of the year) should be warm socks - 2 pairs, body - 2 pcs., Bonnet light and flannel.

Necessary baby on the discharge

An extract from the maternity ward is the samean exciting and important event in the life of parents, like the birth of a baby. Many capture this moment in memory in the form of photographs or video. Accordingly, both mother and baby will need smart clothes. In addition to a smart suit, the newborn's discharge is also needed:

- cotton bodik;

- Cap or cap (depending on the season);

- warm socks;

- a special beautiful envelope or blanket;

- cotton and bi-directional diapers;

- Warm overalls (if there is a bad weather).

List of things for the crumbs of the first month of life

This list for the newborn contains such items as:

- Stroller-cradle or stroller-transformer;

- a cot (from natural materials);

- a bathing bath;

- first-aid kit for newborn (zelenka, cotton wool, hydrogen peroxide, cotton buds, etc.);

- cotton and fleece diapers - 20 pieces each;

- Bedding (mattress (on sale there are different: spring, based on coconut), the sides, a set of laundry);

- a set of linen and sleeping accessories for a stroller;

- powder and other children's cosmetics;

- Bodiks - 5 pieces;

- Raspashki lungs - 5 pieces;

- ryazhonki skirt - 5 pieces;

- several light and warm blouses;

- overalls;

- bonnet and a warm hat;

- sliders (light and flashing) - 6-8 pieces;

- Socks - 3-4 pairs.

At the request of parents, the shopping list for the futureA child can be infinitely supplemented with various objects. So, for a crib, in addition to mattress and sides, you can also buy a canopy. You can buy and such a thing as a baby monitor. And for trips with the baby you need to buy a car seat in which it will be secured with seat belts. The main thing is that the list of clothes and other things for the newborn consists of high quality items made of natural materials.

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