Pomeranian Pomeranian bear type: character, training and owner feedback (photo)

The dog of the Pomeranian Pomeranian breed is very devotedhis master. She is able to take over the main features of the owner, copying his behavior. The animal can be both active and calm, depending on the way of life in the family. Pomeranian Pomeranian bear type perfectly adapts to the nature of the owner.

Ancient breed

Pomeranian Pomeranian
The Pomeranian Pomeranian bear type waswas deduced in Pomerania, Germany. Occasionally, puppies of small size appeared in the litter of German breed representatives. They were taken as a basis for breeding. In 1982, the first representative was first introduced at an exhibition in America. The animal used to be used as a shepherd and watchman. Its weight reached 14 kg, and then in generations it gradually decreased to 5-6 kg. Such small dogs served as a "bell" in the event of danger. Over time, the breed became friends and companions of man. Spitz was appreciated by great people. For example, Mozart, Martin Luther, Empress Catherine and many other famous characters did not part with them. Fashion dogs were sand and orange.

Spitz is a Pomeranian bearish type with devotionhas been serving man for more than four hundred years. In Europe, this breed is used in therapy for stress, depression. The dog closely follows his owner to adjust to his character. A small weight allows you to take your pet with you and do not leave even on forced trips.

White Pomeranian Pomeranian

black Pomeranian Pomeranian bear type
The color of the coat of the breed may be different: orange, cream, brown, red, sable, black and white. The ancestors of the Spitz were originally white and had an average size. After numerous modifications a whole series of various shades appeared, and this color became a rarity. In order to obtain white hair from offspring, it is necessary to gradually reduce the dog to dogs, in which the orange color is more pronounced. The yellow tint is also gradually removed. It is not recommended to reduce white color dogs, as the quality of animal hair suffers. White bear Pomeranian Pomeranian to meet RKF standards should not contain any impurities, as well as shades. To find out what color your pet will have, you can look into his ears. If you see a creamy, pale-red hue at the examination, the dog will definitely not be white.

The Dark Representative

Pomeranian Pomeranian bear type
Black Pomeranian Pomeranian Bear Pomeranianis found most often in this breed. At the present representative not only color of a wool should be of the given color, but also a nose, a rim of eyes and a labium. On black wool, dirt is not seen very much, but the villi and colored rubbish will be immediately noticed.

Pomeranian Pomeranian bear type. Characteristics of the breed

Representatives of the breed are sociable. Dogs are extremely active, cheerful, devoted to the family, play with children with pleasure. For their master will walk around the apartment, do not like loneliness. Cheerful, energetic, affectionate doggie with ease will cheer up the owner. Miniature Pomeranian Pomeranian bear type was created for living in an apartment. A dog of this breed is not fit to live on the street.

The aggressive nature of Spitz is an exception,which can arise only if improper education. Therefore, it is important to deal with the dog from an early age to avoid the occurrence of undesirable qualities.

Basic care

Pomeranian Pomeranian type requiresattentive attitude towards oneself. Combing it enough once a week. It is necessary to water the dog's hair with clean water, and then use a massage brush. Scales are spiked against the wool, beginning with the ears. It should be ensured that the comb passes each strand from the roots to the tips, so that no collars develop. Dry hair can not be scratched. Often, the dog should not bathe, but it is better to take baths as much as possible. Dry the hair with a hair dryer, as with natural drying can form collars.

white Pomeranian bear pomeranian
To care for wool, you need to purchase tools such as:

1. Soft puerper.

2. Metal combs: smooth frequent and rare.

3. To remove excess hairs, scissors with blunt ends are used.

4. One-side thinning shears for thinning of wool.

These tools are necessary toremained a beautiful Pomeranian Pomeranian bear type. Care also involves the use of sprays against the formation of coils, air conditioners, antistatic agents, shampoos.


Pomeranian spitz bear type reviews
Pomeranian Pomeranian bear type mini prettyeasy to learn. For this, neither the physical strength of the host, nor other manifestations of aggression are needed. It is enough to give a clear command or confidently ban the action. Indulgence can not be done, as the Spitzes feel the weakness of the hosts. It must be remembered that the animal will tend to dominate.

Spitz will gladly perform the commands inwhich are present elements of dance, coup. It's worse for the team to "sit", most likely, this is due to increased activity of the dog. Favorite team - "Aport". Spitz will be happy to run after the abandoned toy or bring the right thing. Already at seven months a small dog is able to learn the following commands:

  1. "To me". The order is important especially in hazardous situations. When teaching this team you can not approach the dog, you have to wait until she understands and comes herself.
  2. "Beside". It is necessary to show patience for the effective assimilation of the order.
  3. "Fu". When teaching the team you need to observe some nuances. For example, do not pull a strong leash, do not shout and do not use the order too often.
  4. "Give". It's easy to train this team using the ball.

The Spitz breed will be suitable for breeding both experienced dog breeders and beginners.

Team "place" and toilet training

It is necessary to accustom the Spitz from an early agego to a certain place. It is desirable that it is not in the corridor or in the kitchen, as well as near the battery and in the draft. Ideally, if you can organize a place in the master bedroom. For small dogs suitable basket with low walls, plastic box with a rug. For a successful teaching to the team "place" you can leave some delicacy in the sunbed or your favorite toy.

It is necessary to instill hygiene skills from the first days. Watching the puppy, you can find that before emptying it will spin and sniff in search of the right place. At this point, you need to transfer it to a dedicated tray for feces. It is necessary to plant the puppy after sleeping and eating. Be sure to praise the dog when it performs the action on its own and in the right place. Usually puppies quickly get used to emptying in the tray, the main thing is to show patience and calmness.

A few words about feeding

Pomeranian Pomeranian bear type in food is not particularlyfastidious. It should not be given fried, fatty, floury, spicy foods. Also it is necessary to exclude mutton, pork, sausage, sausages and tubular bones. The diet should include sea fish, various cereals, vegetables, sour-milk products, raw lean meat, from seven months are given by-products. You can not overfeed the dog, and also indulge the whims and change the food for something more tasty. In the latter case, if there is a refusal, there is a habitual meal, the bowl is removed until the next feeding.

The transition to dry food should be gradual. When choosing "drying" you need to carefully read the composition. Poor food can significantly worsen the health of the dog. Whether "drying" is suitable or not, can be understood by the state of teeth, wool, animal stool. The advantages of this kind of food, of course, there are. For example, it is the simplicity of feeding, storage, and the lack of the need to include supplements in the diet. Adult Spitz consumes from 50 to 80 grams of dry food per day.

Care for the offspring

miniature pomeranian bear bear
A puppy of a Pomeranian bear-type spitz requires a careful attitude to its safety. To do this, you must follow the following rules:

1. Be sure to remove all the wires from the reach zone, as the little dog will gnaw anything that attracts her attention.

2. It is necessary to hide all cracks, for example, behind a refrigerator or a sofa. This is due to the fact that the puppy can get stuck while examining the territory.

3. The slippery floor should be covered with a special coating, because a permanent slide can adversely affect the development of the dog's paws.

4. Everything that has a smell must also be hidden, so that the object does not attract the attention of the puppy. For example, a dishwashing liquid with a fruity scent, a bag with chalk, a garbage can and so on.

5. It is necessary to fence the dog from drafts, as the Spitz does not tolerate them well.

6. You can not leave the puppy on a hill, while jumping it can damage the legs.

7. Take a small dog needs two hands at the same time, because the muscles are not yet strong. Keep it tight so that it does not fall.

Of course, you need to give the puppy a full sleep and, if possible, do not leave one for long.

Reviews of the breed

Most owners take their pets withthemselves on trips, on foot, confirming their role as compact and tame dogs. The Spitz owners talk about the deep affection of pets for certain toys. With a favorite thing the dog does not part, especially when she has to remain alone. Playful and affectionate dwarf pomeranian bear bear type. Photos of him always emphasize the pleasant "smile" of the dog. Owners often talk about the friendship of their pets with children and other animals.

Pomeranian Pomeranian bear type mini
Such a breed as the Pomeranian Pomeranian beartype, reviews are generally positive. Cases of self-willed and proud character of the dog were described. Spitz is inclined to dominate the weak, so you should not allow oversight in his upbringing. Owners of the representatives of the breed indicate the causeless barking of their wards, which must necessarily be stopped. In general, the Spitz is an ideal pet.

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