Tibetan Mastiff - the most expensive dog in the world

They say that friendship and devotion can not be bought. But this statement does not apply to dog owners. How much is the friendship that the most expensive dog in the world will offer?

Neither much nor little, but approximately 1.5 milliondollars were given for a Tibetan mastiff named Hong Dong. This amount was able to afford a large carpet manufacturer from China. The previous price record also belonged to the mastiff from Tibet. True, that dog cost as much as half a million less.

the most expensive dog

With all confidence we can say: the most expensive dog in the world is worth its money. Hong Dong is the best representative of his breed, raised in ideal conditions. All his life the dog was fed only selected meat and seafood. He has an impeccable pedigree and the most valuable color for the representatives of this breed - red-red. It is believed that the red one brings happiness, since it is close to the color of the clothes of Buddhist monks.

Mastiffs have been divorced in Tibet since ancient times. Legends say that one of these dogs belonged to Genghis Khan. And the first of the mastiffs that came to Europe was donated to the Queen Victoria of England. These dogs helped to graze cattle, guarded Buddhist monasteries and houses of ordinary Tibetans. Thoroughbred representatives of the breed, from which our dearest pedigree leads, have survived to this day only in hard-to-reach regions of the country.

Features of the breed

The most expensive dog is notablephysical strength and independent character. Mastiffs mature very long - up to 3 years, and during this period their puppy games are very destructive. It is unlikely that a dog will like to live in an ordinary city apartment, because it can easily jump over a two-meter fence. And if you can not jump over, try to make a dig. In general, this breed really suits well-off people who are able to provide pets with enough space to play and will not be upset if a giant puppy breaks furniture in the house.

the most expensive dog in the world

Some even say that Tibetan mastiffsand could not be tamed to the end. To bring up a puppy, you need to be firm. Even an adult "Tibet" is always ready to slip away and run somewhere himself. He also takes a long time to get used to the family he got into, and is very distrustful of strangers, which, incidentally, makes the dog a great watchman. And to guard the most expensive dog of the world prefers at night, sleeping in the daytime.

the most expensive dog in the world

Nevertheless, the Tibetan mastiffs are very playful andkind to your family members. This dog is like a big teddy bear, which can be dragged by the ears and left to look after the children. In addition, the representatives of the breed are very clean, and in the habits of caring for themselves more like cats, rather than dogs. They are practically not sick and well tolerate both extreme heat and frost.

In our country the most expensive dog, toois found. There are clubs of rock lovers, and you can get a puppy for quite reasonable money. After all, the puppy Hong Dong for 1.5 million was raised specifically for sale to the richest people in China - this is where they now have fashion.

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