The Joolz stroller and its stunning functionality

Sooner or later, young parents facethe problem of choosing a promenade of a stroller, which must satisfy a number of important rules. Among the latter, the modern design, the quality of the materials from which it is made and the functionality are important. When choosing a model, you should pay attention to such a worthy option as the Joolz Day stroller. The latter is the embodiment of prestige and stunning convenience.

Joolz stroller: briefly about the main

As has long been accepted in the stroller fashion, the releaseEach model range is marked by a certain theme, which is not similar to their other counterparts. A relatively young company called Jools in its business uses a very creative and creative approach that is designed for parents who are keeping pace with fleeting time.

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The main advantage of this model rangewheelchairs there is not only a strong attractive frame, made of high-quality materials, but also a pleasing color gamut. Among the analogues, the Joolz stroller stands out for its stunning quality of fabrics and sheathing materials, as well as its resistance to external aggressive factors.

Technical features and characteristics

  • The weight of the chassis is 8,400 kg.
  • The leisure block has a compact size and its weight is 3,200 kg.
  • In the collapsed state, the stroller dimensions are the following: 80 × 62 × 100 cm.
  • In the unfolded state the Joolz stroller has the following parameters - 85 × 62 × 37 cm.

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Why it is necessary to choose the wheelchair Joolz?

Among the advantages that the Joolz wheelchair has, you can name the following:

  • The large height of the seat is the factor that allows parents not to bend at every necessary occasion, and the kid has an excellent view and does not breathe exhaust from under the cars.
  • Ergonomic seat, which regulates not only the backrest, but also the footboard, providing incredible comfort for the child.
  • Sliding adjustment of the handle, which is important enough for parents whose growth exceeds the average.
  • A perfect depreciation of all the wheels, which provide not only convenient maneuverability, but also turn this model into an off-road vehicle.
  • The ability to fold and turn it into a fairly compact version for carrying.
  • The lifting bumper on both sides makes it easy to fit the child.

Composition of the standard kit

  • Chassis, which has fairly high parameters, which will provide the child with excellent visibility during long walks.
  • A leisure block with a comfortable adjustable back and hood, without which you can not do in the cold winter and rainy summer.
  • Convenient shopping basket, made in a modern design.
  • Universal lifting bumper, made withUse of leather materials of elite class, which has only a stroller Joolz. The convenience of using the latter will create a safe environment for the child to stay in the wheelchair and enjoy the mother.
  • A quality and functional raincoat that protects against the weather of the baby.

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Additional accessories that can be bought separately to the main set

  • Comfortable bag for the mother of the right color to the model of the stroller.
  • Protects from the sun and rain umbrella, which is attached to the body.
  • A warming envelope for the legs of the baby.
  • A summer block made of ventilated materials that do not soar the child's body.
  • Visor from the sun's rays, which protects the child more intensively.
  • A screen that performs a protective role from unnecessary sunlight.
  • Protective mosquito net, which creates convenience during evening walks.
  • Additional pump for pumping the wheels.
  • Holder for glass or bottle.

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Safety and convenience are the main rules that the manufacturer is oriented towards

The perfect choice will be the stroller Joolz, the pricewhich is about 60 000 rubles and is quite democratic for the quality of this class. To ensure the safety of the child, manufacturers have introduced innovative five-point belts with soft lining for gentle children's shoulders. The formation of a correct posture and the convenience of finding a child in a stroller will be facilitated by a backrest having 3 positions, which allows even the smallest children to comfortably be located in it. Thanks to the functional hood any bad weather will not be terrible for the child. The Joolz stroller is perfect for any doorway, even the narrowest, in which it will pass without difficulty due to fast and convenient folding. Also, the chassis of the stroller is universal and suitable for a cradle designed for newborn babies. Joolz Day - stroller, which in the folded position does not require an additional point of support.

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To take Joolz or not to take? That's the questionfrom

Attractiveness is the main quality,Characteristic for the Joolz range (strollers). Customer feedback is mostly positive. Among the advantages that many parents experienced in practice are excellent maneuverability, lightness and compactness. Another interesting feature of this model is the possibility of changing small wheels from the front to the others, which are much larger in size. The disadvantage of a particular stroller is a visor, the size of which does not allow to fully cover the child from the scorching sun.

Taking into account all its aspects, in no case can one get stuck on this factor, it is better to pay attention to all its positive aspects and advantages that are undeniable.

Such a stroller is created for personalities,preferring first and foremost the comfort and quality to which they want to accustom their children from a small age. Therefore, if the choice is between this model and a more budgetary version of the stroller, then in no case can you save on the most expensive that we have in life, that is, on children.

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