A cat asks a cat what to do?

A cat asks a cat what to do? This question is often asked by pet owners. Indeed, sometimes the physiological characteristics of a pet are simply not giving anyone peace. A cat can meow both day and night. It is worth noting that quite often cats during their "spree" spoil homemade things, favorite objects of their owners. And all this is just for people to pay attention to them. Cat took a walk, what to do in this situation? Consider the topic in more detail.

To begin with, I must say that with this problemabsolutely any owner encounters. The cat yells. What to do with it in such a situation, a person simply does not represent. Most owners flee to the pharmacy for animals, buy mountains of some strange drugs and stuff them with their pet. However, this result usually does not bring any. A man must again endure screams, marks and resign oneself to the fact that a cat tears out any object that it has got.

People, tired of such scenes of a pet,all the same lead the cat. After that, the main goal of the owners for the next period is likely to be the distribution of small fluffy lumps. In the case when the cat is not thoroughbred and has no pedigree, it is very difficult to solve this issue. And then the owner first thinks about how to get rid of this problem forever.

The cat asks the cat for the first time at the age of eight -nine months. Even if people plan on getting their offspring from their pet in the future, it is not worthwhile to reduce it to a cat right now. A cat at this age is too young, she may not report kittens. As a result, there will be incomplete animals. In addition, too early birth can affect the health of the kitty in the best way. The owners of cats can easily determine the age of puberty of their pet. The cat starts to just mark everything around. If the owners forbid him to do this, they scold him and so on, the cat will try to escape. As you know, pets are very difficult outside the house. It is for this reason that the statistics of the death of domestic cats from the wheels of cars or from the teeth of dogs is constantly growing. A neutered animal can become very aggressive afterwards.

Your cat asks the cat what to do? First, you need to decide how it does it. Cats during their spree sing the so-called "love hymns" to their fictitious chosen one. They can ride on the floor, rub against the feet of the hosts. It is also worth noting that a cat can also mark its territory. At the same time most often for this purpose she chooses soft furniture, in particular, the bed of her owners. A cat asks for a cat around the clock. Day or night - for her it does not matter at all. Sometimes it may seem that she does not even sleep in the days of estrus.

For the cat's body, its empty estrus is very harmful. In addition, all drugs that almost completely kill the symptoms of estrus are hormonal. They cause great harm to the health of a pet. Every owner should always remember this. So, the following answer can be given to the question "Cat asks the cat what to do?" The owners can choose a variant with the use of medicines by their pittomite. If this option does not suit the person, you can ask for help from specialists. Veterinary clinics provide services related to the castration of cats and cats. It is important to choose castration, which is significantly different from sterilization. In the first case, the cat loses the ability to have kittens, there will be no more estuaries. In the second case, the cat will regularly begin estrusia, which will not bring rest to the owners.

The best way to cope with the fact that the catasks the cat, is the acquisition of a thoroughbred animal, the offspring of which will be very easy to distribute to other cat lovers. In this case, you will not have to torment yourself and your pet. It should also be noted that the question "Cat asks the cat what to do?" Anyone can find the answer on the Internet. For this it is enough to enter "the cat asks the cat what to do" in the search string. On forums, sites, the hosts will be able to share their experience, give advice or learn a lot of new things for themselves.

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