Norwegian Boohund: description of the breed

Norwegian Boohund is a service dog related toto the group of Kamchatka, Siberian and Greenlandian sheep-dogs. These animals were taken out specially for work on the farm. Therefore, they easily cope with the role of a shepherd or watchman. After reading today's article, you will learn about the main features of the representatives of this breed.

A Brief Historical Reference

Bühund, or Norwegian Laika, is considered one of thethe oldest Scandinavian dogs. In 1880, a burial place of Viking was found on the territory of Gokstad. Together with them six dog skeletons of various sizes were dug up. It is these animals that are considered to be the ancestors of modern buhunds.

Vikings used these dogs for protectionlivestock and the protection of their homes. Also they were hunted by wolves and bears. These northern dogs everywhere followed their masters, accompanying them not only on land, but also on the sea. Over time, they landed in Ireland, Greenland and Scotland. According to one of the theories, the ancestors of modern Buhunds were Sheltie and Icelandic dogs.

Norwegian buhund

The first official exhibition in whichparticipated representatives of this breed, was organized by John Siland. It was held in the 20-ies of the XX century in the Norwegian Irene. A few decades later, the breed was recognized by the United Kennel Club.

Exterior Features

Buhund, or Norwegian Shepherd, - strongcompact dog of square format. On a dry, pointed head are located dark small eyes and pointed erect ears. The massive short neck of the representatives of this breed smoothly flows into a strong, well-defined withers and straight back.

The dog has a dense muscular body with a deepchest and tight belly. Under the harmoniously folded body are dry and strong limbs with oval paws. The high-ranking short tail of the dog is rolled into a ring and laid on its back. The growth of an adult animal ranges from 41 to 47 centimeters. At the same time, the Norwegian buhund weighs 12-18 kilograms on average.

Norwegian Laika

Representatives of this breed are covered with thick,tight, tight-fitting wool. Wheat color of animals varies from light cream to rusty hue. The standard allows the presence of a dark mask and the same tips of guard hair.


Это смелые, игривые и дружелюбные собаки. They are distinguished by an independent character with perfectly developed hunting instincts. Therefore, the typical Norwegian Laika is wary of strangers and animals. These are very alert dogs, always ready to rush to defend their "pack".

Of the representatives of this breed are obtainedwonderful guides and companions. Despite his friendly and affectionate disposition, emotional buhunds instantly react to any extraneous sounds. Therefore, they are often used as watchmen. They are very attached to their masters and need constant communication with people. The Norwegian Bühund remains a mischievous and playful character until old age. He treats children well, but in a fit of feelings he can accidentally turn the baby around.

Norwegian Shepherd Dog

In general, these are dominant animals with well-developed proprietary instincts. They are not aggressive towards their fellow human beings, but may be dislike of some other dogs.

Maintenance and care

Norwegian Boohund - a very clean animal, almost nothaving a specific odor. It is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The average life expectancy of representatives of this breed is 13-15 years.

These unpretentious dogs do not need complicatedcare. It is enough to comb them a couple of times a week with a special brush. You also need to periodically clean their ears and cut their claws. Bathing these dogs is recommended as needed. It is advisable to do this not more than twice a year.

northern dogs

Buhunds living in urban apartments requireregular physical activity. With them you can deal with offense or agility. These vigorous and active dogs are distinguished by strong health. But, like any other living beings, they are prone to various diseases. To the most widespread health problems, characteristic for the representatives of this breed, can be attributed ear infections, epilepsy and dysplasia of the hip joints. Also, Norwegian Buhunds are prone to eye diseases.

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