Traditional congratulations with baptisms

Church tradition presupposes the baptism of a childon the eighth day from birth, and if the child was born weak, then as soon as possible, so that he would not die without baptism. In the olden days the name was chosen according to the saints - according to the day, which baptized. Now the name is chosen by the parents, and it does not always coincide with the holy days of the holy patron saints, after whom the newborn is named. Therefore, modern people in the year have two holidays - birthday and birthday. Yes, and they baptize the child now not on the eighth day, but at the age of one month or even later. This makes it possible for family members and relatives to prepare and do everything possible so that congratulations with the christening will be especially solemn.

Traditionally, even before the birth of a child, parentsthey looked for godmothers for their child. According to strict Orthodox tradition, the boy should have a godfather, and the girl - a godmother, but in modern times, many newborns have both godfather and godfather. Being a godfather or mother is not just a temporary participation in a beautiful church ritual and the subsequent nepotism with the child's parents, but also a constant concern for the godchild or godchild in the future. This is a great responsibility for the fate of the child. If you are offered to become a godfather, you must pay all the costs associated with baptism. The godfather must buy a god cross for the godfather, and the godmother is a baptismal set, which includes a towel, a shirt and a bonnet. It is customary to keep the baptismal shirt: it is believed that if all subsequent children are baptized in a shirt in which the first-born were baptized, then peace and love will reign among the brothers and sisters. Needless to say, the godfather and godfather should be of the same religious denomination as the parents of the child.

But if you were invited to a solemn eventchristening as a guest, you should also think about a worthy gift. Congratulation with the christening is rooted in the Christian tradition of worshiping the Magi. Then the sages came to honor the Child-Christ and brought Him gold, frankincense and myrrh. Of course, now you do not expect such original gifts from you. Gifts of the Magi are treated in an allegorical sense. Gold is wealth. A newborn wishes good luck and prosperity. People closer to the newborn (grandfathers and grandmothers, aunts and uncles) give a silver spoon as a congratulation to the christening. When the lure of the baby begins to mix, it is about this spoon that the first tooth of the baby knocks. The rest of the guests bring honey as a wish for wealth - "that life be sweet." If the family already has children, you need to bring a lot of sweets - sweets and cakes.

The christening is the entry of a new person into thethe Christian community. Therefore, congratulations on the christening should reflect your wish that the child grow up to be a good Christian. It is appropriate to present the icon (especially the icon of the patron saint), the Bible for children. It is necessary to congratulate not only the newborn, but also his parents, and grandmothers with grandfathers, and express the hope that they will bring up a good Christian.

And, finally, the birth of a new person isthe acquisition of peace, so congratulations on the christening should reflect this. A new member has appeared in the society, which later must take its place in it. In the culture of European countries there is a belief that the cradle of a newborn is going to fairies and "reward" the child with those or other qualities (talents, beauty, strength, etc.). In the Orthodox tradition, guests who gathered at christenings do it. Children of both sexes want health and love. A girl wants beauty, tenderness, a good husband. Congratulations with the boy's christening must necessarily include the wishes of him to become a support for his parents, he also wants strength, a successful career. But it is not customary to give clothes to grow up - this is considered a bad omen.

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