"Nutrilon Antireflux": composition, usage and customer feedback

By its nature, regurgitation is normalphysiological feature of infants. But there are situations when they begin to bring discomfort to the child and make his mother worry. The way out of this situation is simple: it is necessary to select a baby food against regurgitation, which will adjust the work of the baby's gastrointestinal tract.


One such mixture is Nutrilon Antireflux.

General information about the mixture

First of all, the manufacturer warns ofthat for infants of the first year of life breastfeeding is preferable. If for some reason this is impossible to do, the baby is selected special food.

antireflux mixture

Antireflux mixture "Nutrilon" is intended forchildren, who often and plentifully regurgitate after feeding. The positive effect is achieved due to the presence in the product of natural thickener - locust bean gum. Getting into the stomach, it increases in volume and forms a protein lump, which the child is not able to regurgitate. At the same time, it is perfectly digested in the intestines and relieves the crumb from constipation. Thus, two problems are solved immediately. In this case, the high efficiency of the product.

On the second-third day of treatment, 60 percent of childrencompletely cease to regurgitate, while 40 percent significantly reduces their frequency. After a while, 100% of children are positive! This statistics once again confirms the excellent quality of the product.

Nutrilon Antireflux: composition of the mixture

So, as we have already learned, the composition of the childnutrition comes with locust bean gum. Of course, it is not the only ingredient. The antireflux mixture "Nutrilon" includes lactose, skim milk, minerals, vitamins, choline, taurine, trace elements, as well as sunflower, rapeseed, palm, coconut oil.

Preparation of the mixture

Before you start preparing the mixture, you need to wash your hands and sterilize or pour boiling water on the nipple and bottle.

Nutrilon antireflux as given

Boiled water should be cooled to 40 degrees and pour the required amount into the bottle. Add in it a dry mixture from the calculation of 1 measuring spoon for every 30 ml of water.

After that, the bottle should be closed with a lid and shaken until the powder is completely dissolved.

The temperature of the prepared food should be checked with the inside of the wrist, make a few drops on it. The mixture should not be cold or burning.

The food left after feeding, it is necessary to pour out and rinse the bottle thoroughly under running water.

Method of application of the mixture

We examined the mode of action and composition of the mixture "Nutrilon Antireflux". How to give her a child to see the expected result soon? There are two options.

В первом случае смесь выступает в форме основного product, the required volume is calculated based on the age of the baby. The manufacturer also took care of the parents, indicating on the package all the necessary data on this matter.

The second option provides that "Nutrilon Antireflux" will be given to the child before eating or in combination with another type of food.

Which of these two methods is preferable, can only be solved by a pediatrician. It is important to remember that the mixtures against regurgitation are a medicinal product and it is not recommended to give them to healthy children.

Reviews about the mixture "Nutrilon Antireflux"

Действительно ли этот вид питания настолько quality, as the manufacturer and its statistics assure? The most truthful answers can only be given by caring mothers who fed their children with a mixture of Nutrilon Antireflux. So what do they say? Consider all the pros and cons highlighted by them.

Nutrilon antireflux composition

So, let's start with the positive qualities of the mixture.

  • First, the reviews of moms once againconfirm the effectiveness of the mixture. Many observed positive changes after the first feeding! In addition, in the future, regurgitation became a very rare phenomenon, which also speaks about the medicinal properties of nutrition.
  • Secondly, the mixture normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Many mothers noticed the absence of colic and constipation during the use of the mixture.
  • Thirdly, the mixture is very convenient to prepare. It dissolves quickly in water without the formation of lumps.
  • Fourthly, the food is sold in a tin can, which is convenient in storage. In addition, the kit includes a special measuring spoon.

As for the minuses, they are not so many. Most parents do not like the high cost of the mixture. But at the same time they also say that because of high efficiency they are able to close their eyes to this lack.

The second point is not a very pleasant smell and taste. Although, as practice shows, children with great pleasure eat this mixture.

And the last thing that is noted as a minus is the texture. Many parents are confused that the finished mixture is more like not milk, but liquid semolina porridge.

Finally I would like to remind you once again that "Nutrilon Antireflux" can be given to a child only after consulting a district pediatrician!

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