Gel for washing or a powder - what is better? Than to wash children's things?

Not so long ago, the hostess,was chosen between laundry soap and powder. Today, the range of household chemicals has expanded significantly. Gels for washing clothes appeared on sale. Now it's much more difficult to decide which means is better. To understand this issue, let's consider the peculiarities of each of them.

power wash

Gel for washing or powder: which is better?

Washing powder is a traditional and versatile tool that has its drawbacks:

  • Friability. Powder can be scattered or poured into the machine more than necessary for washing.
  • Inconvenience of storage. Large packages take up a lot of space in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  • When using powder in the air rises fine dust, which for people with allergies becomes just a test. It is necessary to refuse this means.
  • There are powders that are quite problematic to wash the machine from the drum.

The advantages of a detergent include a high tearing ability (due to the presence of abrasive particles) and an affordable price.

than to wash children's things

The best washing powders: Ariel, Tide, Frosch, "Ushasty nanny", "Sarma" "Lask".

To answer the question: "Gel for washing or powder - what is better?", We will also consider the features of liquid gels.

Ariel gel for washing

The merits of this tool include:

  • Convenient and accurate dosage.
  • Ease of storage, because gels are sold in small containers that do not take up much space.
  • Absence of harmful emissions during unpacking and application, which reduces harm for allergy sufferers.
  • Gels after the end of washing on the inner surface of the drum do not leave any streaks, they are washed out well with water.
  • Delicately affect the tissues, due to which the less they are deformed.

The best means:

  • "Ariel" is a gel for washing.This is an economical tool for washing both white and colored laundry. Easily soluble in water. Effectively removes stains and dirt. "Ariel" - a gel for washing, which is suitable for children's clothing, allergic people, people with sensitive skin.
  • Power Wash. This universal gel perfectly copes with color and white linen. Suitable for washing delicate things, silk. Power Wash can be used for manual and machine washing.

than to wash things for a newborn

Concentrated washing powders

This is a modern tool, which is contained in2 times more active detergents than in conventional powders and a minimum amount of filler. Concentrated washing powder is consumed 2 times slower than unconcentrated. The feature of this product is its high density, due to what it does not dust like ordinary powders, which is of great importance for allergy sufferers and small children.

The cost of concentrated powders, as a rule, is slightly higher than the price of conventional "automatic machines".

When using concentrate, it is important not to overdo it. To get the most out of this purchase, you should carefully read the directions on the package.

gels for washing clothes

Washing children's things

When a child appears in the family, the washing becomesalmost everyday household duties. But the choice of detergent for newborns should be treated with extreme care and attention, as things touch the baby's skin, and they usually leave powder residues that can cause allergic reactions, cause itching and irritation of the skin.

Today, store shelves are simply madecolored boxes with detergent from various manufacturers, so the one who first encountered the choice of this household chemistry may even be confused. Let's look at how to erase children's things. What do you prefer?

concentrated washing powder

Than to wash things for the newborn?

The main requirement that parents put forward tomeans for washing children's underwear, is efficiency and, of course, safety. Today, in a variety of products, you can simply get lost: here and gels, and detergents, and liquid funds, and air conditioners. How to choose the best means for washing clothes? Than to wash children's things?

For these purposes, you can use:

  • Soap is economic, which does not contain additional impurities.
  • Baby soap (pure or with the addition of extracts of herbs, for example, chamomile). You can also use soap against stains.
  • Ecologically clean detergent.
  • Gel.

It is also permissible to use air conditioners for laundry, but it is important that their composition is as harmless to the child as possible. It is recommended to choose a colorless and without a sharp odor.

Choosing than washing clothes for a newborn,It should be remembered that there should not be any aggressive substances in its composition. It is better to buy a product on a natural basis, which is easily rinsed out of the fabric, does not cause allergies, does not spoil the material even with frequent washing, does not contain active bleaches, dyes, fragrances and other similar substances.

Soap, gel for washing or a powder - what is better? Let's look at each tool in more detail.

Laundry soap

The benefits of soap include:

  • natural composition, without flavors, dyes, perfumes and other substances;
  • a delicate attitude towards the fabric;
  • soft washing;
  • easily rinsed.

Things preserve the original color and appearance for a long time.

A significant disadvantage of soap is that you will have to wash your clothes.


Mothers of newborn children very often do not have timetheir things are washed by hand and use a washing machine. Soap shavings and soap are not suitable for this, and therefore use powder. Preference should be given to non-phosphate variants. As a rule, their packaging indicates that they are suitable for washing clothes from the first days of life.

Dangerous surfactants

In the composition of almost all powders are presentso-called surfactants. They "look out" for clothing contamination, and then destroy the bonds between the fabric and the stains. The danger of these substances is proved: they have a harmful effect on living cells, penetrating through the skin into the body. There are two types:

  • anionic,
  • non-ionic.

In conventional powders, anionic substances are mainly present that provide effective removal of stains from the fabric, but they are more aggressive.

When washing children's clothes, pay attention to how much the powder is very foaming. If there are many foams, there are a lot of surfactants in it. This remedy is dangerous for the child.


Their presence in the means for taking care of things is the main cause of dermatitis in children. Phosphates can affect the immune system of children, cause kidney disease, liver, metabolic problems.

These substances manufacturers are added to enhanceefficiency of products. In some powders for baby clothes, phosphates are replaced with phosphonates, which are safer. A worthy substitute for phosphates is sodium sesquicarbonate. This is the safest raw material for washing powders.

Bleaching agents and fragrances

To eliminate unpleasant odors from things inthe powder is added with perfume. It is worth considering that the best means for washing children's underwear will be without a smell, as they undergo an expensive and high-quality cleaning of raw materials.

Also worth paying attention to the presence of chlorine,which is hazardous to health. As an alternative, an optical brightener is used, the principle of which is similar to a dye. He masks the pollution without eliminating them. Such powders are not the best means for washing children's underwear, since they are unsafe.

gel for washing or a powder is better

Liquid agents

Modern industry produces, in addition to powders,Also, gels for washing children's underwear. These funds are considered safer and more efficient to use. The advantage of gels is their consistency. Their particles are very small, so that the means are easier and better rinsed out of the tissue, and also are hypoallergenic.

In addition, liquid products are more economical to use. One and a half liters of the money will be enough for about 20-30 washes.

The only drawback is the high cost.


So, we tried to answer the question: "Gel for washing or powder - which is better?" by a detailed description of available on the market means of both kinds. As a result, the conclusion can be made the following. In the economy it is better to have both. Correct alternation and combination of formulations will achieve maximum results with minimal risks.

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