World Post Day - a holiday dedicated to our faithful assistants

World Post Day is one of many famousholidays celebrated in the UN system. There is nothing surprising in its occurrence. Couriers and postmen daily work hard for our benefit. Of course, they want to thank them, even if they have given them the honor on this day. Representatives of this profession should feel that they are needed by people, what they mean for them.

World Mail Day

World Post Day - prepare congratulations!

So, the holiday is coming! How to congratulate the culprits of the celebration on World Post Day? What to say? What to wish for? Be sure to thank mail workers for the services they provide repeatedly, for security of delivery, speed, reporting. To date, they work very quickly.

Both the post of the Russian Federation and the branches of other countries,bring to the addressees various correspondence, goods from online stores, contracts, business letters. In addition, couriers, representatives of this profession, can also be delivered around the city flowers, sweets, etc.

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history of the holiday

World Mail Day has its rootsquite far. In 1874, October 9, the Berne Treaty was signed. This happened in Switzerland with the participation of twenty-two countries. According to the agreement, the General Postal Union was founded. After 4 years, he changed his name to the World. Since then, this holiday is celebrated every year on 9 October.

By the way, the World Union todaystates what "international mail" speaks in 6800 languages ​​of its customers. It provides an opportunity to reliably, efficiently and economically transport goods, exchange ideas and transmit thoughts of close people to different distances.

International Mail Day

In most industrialized countriesmodern mail is also very active in the areas of postal and banking services, logistics, catalog trading, the development of information technology and e-commerce.

Interesting Facts

World Post Day is not the onlyan event marked by the UPU, which includes one hundred and eighty-nine countries. Beginning on October 9, the whole world, even the whole International Week of Writing is held.

Celebrate this holiday, by the way, not onlyemployees of traditional post offices, but also all employees of online stores or e-mail. Not surprisingly, because today most of the young people refuse from standard letters on paper. E-mail is sent not only faster and easier, but also much cheaper. The number of registered boxes with each day, of course, increases, in the same way as the number of messages sent.

Russian Post Day

Invaluable help for mail employees

What can be added to all of the above? International Post Day is a celebration of those people who not only created, but also continue to develop a large network of delivery of correspondence and various types of luggage. And it does not matter what kind of goods it is. Inexpensive and efficient delivery of goods, letters, valuables, overcoming any distances, is exactly what a person needs.

To date, the postal network is experiencinga lot of various reforms, adjustments and reconciliations with the requirements of customers regarding the convenience of work and efficiency. And this is quite natural. Mail is important and necessary, despite the rapid development of a variety of information technologies. Without it, as they say, nowhere!

Mail workers are of great help to people,delivering all necessary goods or correspondence. But, most importantly - all this comes on time, without any delays, without any inconvenience. Trouble can only happen through the fault of the sender, and our mail works with a bang!

There is a holiday in Russia

By the way, in our country, in addition tointernational day, there is also a personal celebration. This holiday is celebrated on the second Sunday of July. Russian Post Day reminds people of how important this service is, how much it means for citizens of our state. And this is natural. The Russian Post has today about forty two thousand objects. Among them - forty thousand liaison offices, two thousand knots and post offices. In a word, this sphere covers a huge part of Russia with its services.

Thus, the International Mail Day -The holiday is very famous and interesting. In this case, it does not matter in which country it is celebrated. The importance of it, as well as the invaluable contribution of employees of post offices, is understood by everyone. Having prepared a good wish, a wonderful concert, interesting contests, you are sure to present the heroes of the celebration with a magnificent day! The only thing that is required of those who want to congratulate the representatives of this profession on this wonderful holiday is to carefully think over each of its moments and nuance. Well, in other respects - everything is very simple! Beautiful words, your warmth and sincerity will certainly please the employees of the post office, they will bring them a lot of pleasant emotions.

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