How to choose an air mattress for sleep?

In the past few years, an inflatable mattress for sleepingis very popular. Some people in ignorance believe that it can be useful only for travel and hiking, but practice shows the opposite. Modern products are also needed in every home in case of a sudden arrival of guests or a grueling summer heat. Another undisputable advantage of such mattresses is that in a blown form they practically do not take up space.

Inflatable sleeping mattresses are often called air beds, this name has appeared because of a high-grade bed and full comfort. Models of mattresses fall into two categories:

air mattress for sleeping
- Inflatable mattress for sleep with built-in aircompressor. Of course, these products are more convenient, because at any time you can inflate and blow off the structure. However, one should take into account the fact that models with built-in pump have a big weight and are not very convenient for transportation. In addition, the compressor requires power, and it, as you know, is not always easy to find, especially in conditions of a hike;

- Inflatable mattress for sleep, which can be pumpedconventional, non-electric pump. Such products are lightweight, convenient for transportation, they can be used in any conditions. The only downside is that, as a rule, non-electric pumps show themselves not from the best side and can not always cope with the task.

The manufacturer always takes care of theirconsumers, inventing and manufacturing more and more modern and improved models. One such innovation is a mattress-bed inflatable. This bed, unlike the mattress, has a higher lift, in some cases the height of the product can reach more than half a meter. And this makes it suitable for home use. On a similar bed you can comfortably accommodate suddenly arrived guests or relatives.

mattress bed inflatable

Buying an air mattress for sleep, think aboutnecessary accessories, now their choice is quite diverse. Together with the mattress you can buy inflatable pillows for sleeping, special pumps and practical cases for storage and transportation of the product. Also pay attention to mattress covers, which you can easily remove and wash. Especially the given recommendations concern inflatable beds, which do not have a velvety coating. In general, manufacturers advise to cover the air bed in the same way as usual, that is, to use pillowcases, sheets and blankets.

Now many consumers are thinking about replacing their regular bed with an inflatable bed.

mattresses for inflatable sleeping

Especially such a solution is actual in conditionssmall apartments and with a constant shortage of available space. But, we would not recommend you to hurry and take a similar decision, especially if you want to buy a double inflatable bed. It may happen that sleeping together on a similar bed will be extremely inconvenient, except that if the product falls into poor quality, then you will have to constantly puff up the deflated mattress.

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